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CONTEST: Your Top 10 Lacrosse Player Legends

Last week, Connor supplied his list of Top 10 Lacrosse Legends. Everyone who had ever played the game was eligible, and CW put a ton of time into making his list.  It wasn’t perfect to everyone (no top ten list ever is), but it was a very solid first offering. Now we’ve got a hunch that LAS readers can do even better, so…

We’re offering up a contest prize that is REALLY special: A completely custom helmet, the likes of which have never been seen before. Joenandez unearthed a silver Cascade CPro7 from our Woozles team in Tahoe last year and gave it to Jeff in McCall.  Then Jeff took it home and dressed it up with some LAS stickers, most of which are special stickers you can’t get anywhere else! A Headwrapz backpanel and mohawk stripes, complimented by LAS helmet stickers on each side and a Grow The Game sticker in the back. This is one SWEET lid!

LAS Silver lacrosse cascade CPRO7 lax helmet
Yup, it's SUPER special!

So here’s the deal. To win this ridiculously awesome dome, you have to create your own Top 10 Lacrosse Legends list. You can do this list in one of TWO formats:

1) Create Top 10 List featuring YOUR top ten greatest lacrosse players, ranked 1-10, just like Connor’s list.

2) Create a Top 10 List featuring:

– The 3 greatest wooden stick era players.
– The 3 greatest players from the plastic, but NOT off-set era.
– The 3 greatest players from the recent off-set era up until today.
– The #1 greatest lacrosse player of all-time.

This idea was submitted to us by a reader, and MAN, is it a good one! (Editor’s note: Connor lost the reader’s name and feels awful about not being able to give a shout out. Step your game up, Connor!)

Once you have created your Top 10 List, and like Santa asks, checked it twice, you can submit it via email to (Word docs are preferred). LAS Staff members will read and analyze every single submission and pick the best 3 lists to move on to the final round. The winner will be selected by LAS Readers and their list will go down in history as’s Top 10 Lacrosse Legends.

Submission deadline: Monday, August 15

Somehow Urso wasn't on CW's list. Will he be on yours?

The first option could be easier or harder, depending on how you look at it.  But the second option will clearly take a little more thought, and a little more research. Either way, it has to be really good! ALL finalists will be selected solely at the discretion of LAS after thorough qualitative analysis. The top list and winner of the helmet will be determined by the popular vote.

This is your opportunity to make your voice heard, win one of the sweetest custom head units we’ve seen in AGES, and become part of the lacrosse legend conversation!

This super sweet, one-of-a-kind lid from is yours to win! custom lacrosse helmet cascade CPro7 lax
The left side! custom lacrosse helmet cascade CPro7 lax
Yup. 100000% awesome!