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Crazy Hail Storm – HS Lax Don’t Care!

During the April 2nd 2016 varsity lacrosse game between Deerfield Academy (MA) and the Brunswick School (CT), a crazy hail storm erupted. And of course, we have video from this crazy meteorological/lacrosse event!

Thanks to Jarett Wait for sending over the video, and for Chuck Timson for posting it online.

Crazy Hail Storm – So What?

Deerfield won this game, but both teams have some serious talent on their rosters. D1 commits all over the place! The players definitely get after it as well, as this was a national Top 25 match up! And as you can see, the game was physical and intense, and the crazy hail storm only added to the already electric atmosphere.

I am pretty impressed by two things:

  1. The players basically paid no mind to the weather. Neither did the refs. I like that.
  2. The parents didn’t move either. Impressive.

I am MORE impressed by ONE thing:

  1. The real winner here is the giant golf umbrella.

It just looks up at the sky and laughs right in Mother Nature’s soaking face. You’re going to bombard me with golf ball sized hail? Go ahead, try your best. I survived gym class in in the pre 90s era. I can take the heat. I know bombardment well. Also, I have a thin piece of nylon stretched over some dusty aluminum bars… and with this rudimentary tool I shall easily defeat the worst you can dish out.

Except for lightning. Please don’t bring lightning into the game. Then I would need a wooden umbrella, and we all know how expensive those are.

For now, advantage Deerfield, golf umbrellas, and prep school parents. Let’s see what the weather can dish out this week.

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