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Crosse Clicks: A Weekend Of Action

Welcome to another Monday Crosse Clicks, where we cover everything inside the lacrosse world, outside of the college game. Want college coverage? Check out Crosse Clicks: College Edition on Wednesdays!

Were You This Good In High School?

Gordie Koerber (now at Denver) sure was!

Polocrosse – “The Poor Man’s Polo”

Ok, I hate the name “the poor man’s polo” because let’s face it, if you’re riding a horse, and playing games on said horse, you probably aren’t poor. Having a horse at all, even if it’s the only thing you own, makes you rich to a certain extent. But the game of Polocrosse looks fun! So even while its unofficial nickname is awful, the sport itself seems intriguing.

Baltimore Chapter Adds 10 to Hall of Fame

The accolades, awards and honors earned by the Greater Baltimore Chapter of the US Lacrosse Class of 2013 Hall of Fame are the product of stellar performances during careers on the fields of Baltimore-area area high schools and colleges.

The ceremony honoring Mickey Jarboe, Trish Dabrowski, Megan Riley Clark, Pete Taylor, Lorne Smith, Jen Breakey, Kara Carlin, Bob Martino, Suzanne Eyler Williams and Rick Wey was Jan. 19, at the Hillendale Country Club in Phoenix… Read more on the Baltimore Sun’s website.

NLL Lacks Disparity – Tight Games!

Because the National Lacrosse League features only nine teams, the wealth of talent on each team is impressive and balanced throughout the league. No day in the year may have proved this point better than January 19 when all three NLL games finished with a differential of only one goal… read more on the

Tribe7 Videos Remain Wacky & Honest

Rob Littel of Tribe7 believes in what he’s doing, and in what his company is producing. That doesn’t mean  his videos aren’t still just a little crazy, because they are:

Kevin Crowley Joins Staff at Shipley School (PA)

Philadelphia Wings forward Kevin Crowley has joined the Shipley boys’ lacrosse coaching staff on a full-time basis as varsity offensive coordinator for the upcoming 2013 spring season.

Crowley, the Wings’ first round draft choice in the 2012 NLL entry draft, will also be working as a skills development coach for the middle school and sixth grade boys’ teams after previously working with the Shipley program on a part time basis… read more on

Will Exhibition Pave Way For New Pro Franchise?

Kennesaw State will host an exhibition between Major League Lacrosse teams the Rochester Rattlers and Boston Cannons at 8 p.m. on June 7. It will be the first MLL game in Georgia and will be a test as the league considers expansion.

If everything goes well, commissioner David Gross said Atlanta could be the home of a franchise in 2014, playing at KSU Stadium, which is where the exhibition match will be held. He said he has had discussions with several potential ownership groups in the past few years. He declined to name any interested parties… read more on the Atlanta Constitution Journal’s website.

Hoya Saxa Responds To Censer

Joel Censer wrote a great article on how the Iroquois and Canadian players are influencing the college and field games. Hoya Saxa responds intelligently, and uses a lot of big words, and both posts are well worth the read.

Hoya Saxa SBNation response

Joel Censer article on Lacrosse Magazine

If there is ONE piece of advice I could give to Hoya Saxa, it would be this: use your real name! Your posts are awesome enough where you should have no fear of being known. Keep up the great work either way.

5 Diamond Traditional – Special Top String

This STX Professor gets the traditional treatment. It’s a beauty already! I’ve been messing around with replaceable traditional top strings, and thanks to my brother, Lee, I think I’ve found one that works! No lip develops, the leathers are pulled tight, and ANYONE can do it. Perfection?


After breaking the beauty of a stick I put together for the Lacrosse Drop on Sunday, I had to get another traditional going. Thanks to some very special “guys from the internet” for the leathers and cross lace!

Hofstra’s New Gear

Wow. Just… wow. Ok, I know I’m breaking the “college stuff goes up Wednesday” rule, but I love the white face mask so much I simply had to include it. It makes me hope that W&L will bring back their light grey face masks and white helmets of yesteryear. Old School undertones: that seems like a fine justification for inclusion.

From Outdoor to Indoor: Ethan Farrell

Ethan Farrell grew up on the isolated island of Nantucket, but that didn’t stop him from seeing a ton of success at NCAA D3 Lynchburg in Virginia. It also didn’t stop him from making some big waves for the Philly Wings in their first NLL game this year. He LOVES lacrosse, and works at it tirelessly. Read the full story on Lacrosse Magazine.