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Crosse Clicks: College Edition

Each week we’re running two versions of Crosse Clicks. On Mondays we cover anything outside of the college lacrosse world, and on Wednesdays, we hit up the college world with a link fest to satisfy all.

Towson. So Serious Right Now.

Tufts Players Suspended

Members of Tufts men’s lacrosse team are facing a two-game suspension after an external investigation revealed they were guilty of “unacceptable” behavior at a women’s home volleyball game against Smith College last semester…


UNC Rip From ’96

Jason Sanders says this is the hardest he ever shot the ball in a game, and that this was before the days of Under Armour. We think he looks great. He noted that unfortunately, UNC lost this game.

Lynn University (NCAA D2) Adds Lacrosse

Now, in addition to a top flight soccer team, Lynn will offer lacrosse. It’s Sunny and beautiful in South Florida. And D2 lacrosse is raging hard down there. Can Lynn compete quickly? This just seems like unprecedented growth for the D2 game… Go SOUTH, young man. Wowzers.

Utah State – 2013

Patriot Picks Lehigh To Win Patriot

Preseason Polls by conferences themselves is always a little weird, but then again, so is almost anything preseason. Lehigh looks strong again in the Patriot League though, that much is certain.

Gear, Gear, Gear Explosion

The 2013 gear unveilings continue in the college lacrosse world. Penn State, Harvard, Cuse, and Cornell gear. Much more from those schools and others on Smart move to unveil their gear on their own site. Michigan arm pads and locker room on 4OneTwoDuke gloves and an Evo 4? Hofstra’s white face masks are classic. You will see these pads pop up all over the place this year. Hartford locker chock full o’ gear on 4OneTwo. Wesley College gear on LPG. Nike’s Navy effort is niiiiice. LPG has it. Loyola has three helmets and the season hasn’t even started yet. ILGear with the photos. Manhattan gloves and elbows. Lots of green.

Who Is Riley Kennedy?

MGoBlue isn’t talking about Riley Kennedy, but we’re keeping the header. It’s superb. This week Michigan checks in with Evan Glaser. Get to know this Wolverine. Hopkins is at #17 in their countdown to the Hop season starting.

Do You Know The New Rules By Heart?

Read this, then watch the video, then read it again, THEN come back with questions. I’m sure there are still some out there.

Days Until The Season…

Army Navy Garrett Thul lacrosse
Thul wears #…


Only 9 Days until the season kicks off. High Point Vs. Delaware on February 2nd! Man, that seems early, but it’s exciting!

How Do You Wait?

Read Alphabetical NCAA D1 Preview posts. That was easy. 24SevenLax’s Loyola preview is the best in the biz, hands down!

Bonus Link!

Check out this article on Alf Jacques, found by Rhino Lacrosse. It’s not about the college game today, but it’s interesting to note that in their heyday, Alf and co. were making around 11,000 wooden sticks PER YEAR at the height of their operation, and many of those sticks were for the college game.