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Crosse Clicks: College Edition

Each week we’re running two versions of Crosse Clicks. On Mondays we cover anything outside of the college lacrosse world, and on Wednesdays, we hit up the college world with a link fest to satisfy all. Let’s kick things off with a Preseason Crosse Clicks for the college kids!

Too Much Boom?

After taking in a tremendously painful looking hit from college football, the move to put a stop to “Jacked Up” has been applauded. Does the lacrosse world have to be wondering what could happen come Spring time?

Oh Captain, My Captain

Being elected captain of a college team often speaks volumes about a player, and in some instances, it can be a bigger honor than being named All-American. Air ForceColgate, Hobart, Genesee CC, and Grand Canyon have all recently named their on-field leaders.

College Is What You Make It

Peter Tumbas waxes philosophic on the differences between the MCLA and a D3 program. Neither is intrinsically more demanding than the other… unless you make it so. It’s a well thought out, reasoned, and passionate take on all the options out there. A good read for any kid interested in playing college ball.

Trinity’s Chet McPhee Passes On

Trinity College lost a beloved member of its community on Friday, as Chester “Chet” McPhee, former head coach of the College’s men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams and its men’s lacrosse team, passed away at the age of 83.  McPhee suffered from a heart attack during his Friday morning radio show on WRTC-FM, Trinity’s campus radio station, and died at Hartford Hospital.  He hosted the weekly jazz show “Sunrise Serenade” for almost 20 years. McPhee started the men’s lacrosse program at Trinity, and coached the Bantams from 1961-1978... read more at Trinity’s Athletics site.

Hopefully, This Isn’t A Trend

It’s been an unlucky run for a couple of D1 lacrosse players this offseason, and we’re not talking about ACL tears during practice. Syracuse’s Mike Daniello has been seriously injured, and info as to how it happened has not emerged. We wish Mike the best. Drexel’s Bredan Glynn was also hurt this Fall, and we hope this is the end of things. Be careful out there, everyone, and join us in thinking of what these guys, and their families, are going through.

It’s A Rough, Winter Draft

It’s tough to tell who is going to get drafted, who will pan out in the pros, and even tougher to tell who is going to have a great senior year, outside of a select few. breaks down some of the top potential picks are in this year’s MLL Collegiate Draft:

I wonder if this will change anything as it relates to the Number One Lacrosse College in Major League Lacrosse?

Who Is Riley Kennedy?

Since people probably don’t know who he is, Riley Kennedy seemed like a perfect topic header. He plays for Michigan. Want more? Here you go. Michigan is profiling their players. Smart move. Speaking of smart moves, check out Johns Hopkins’ 51 day countdown to the season. If you’re a Hop fan, you’ll love it. If not, the opposite. What else is new? Loyola also has a bunch of stories up. They should!

Days Until The Season…

hopkins lacrosse ranagan

It’s only 31 Days until the season kicks off. High Point Vs. Delaware on February 2nd! Man, that seems early.

Fill Those Days!

Read Alphabetical NCAA D1 Preview posts. That was easy.