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Crosse Clicks: The Little Things

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou know it’s lacrosse season when you hear someone down the street at your local school yelling, “Focus on the little things!” As a lacrosse player, that’s a five-word phrase that should never get old. Hearing it should get you revved up and focused on that next play ahead.

There’s no other sport in the world that’s as fast and detail-oriented as lacrosse. Knowing where to be and when to be there, what to say and when to say it, how to react and where to cut to… Is your mouthguard in? Is your chinstrap buckled? These little tiny bits of knowledge and actions represent an incredibly important part of the game.

As the 2014 season gets into full swing, don’t let yourself overlook the little things. For if you skip out on the little things, you’ll never achieve the big things.

Wouldn’t it be a bummer to miss out on winning a championship or scoring that last second goal?


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This month is all about the little things here at LAS. In addition to new content, you can expect to see some small changes on our website to help improve the user experience.

Expect more info about LAS Insider, too.

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Click, Baby, Click!

Even with college lacrosse in full swing, the International game is all the buzz as we approach the FIL World Championships in Denver this Summer. Get caught up on the commotion with the help of Connor Wilson & Brine, who sponsor’s our new section, Denver 2014.

Denver 2014 International Lacrosse Update #1
Denver 2014 International Lacrosse Update #2
Denver 2014 International Lacrosse Update #3

By the way, please welcome Israel Lacrosse and Columbia Lacrosse to!

Sometimes it’s nice to learn about the way things were. The early days of England Lacrosse sure were interesting! (LAS)

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (that’s what ‘NCAA’ stands for!) is seeking a Men’s Lacrosse Secretary-Rules Editor. This position is a four-year term, renewable once. The term will begin September 1, 2014 and is paid a modest stipend. (

The title says it all: “Plenty of players give back to lacrosse, but Chris McElroy takes it to a new level” (ILIndoor)

At No. 7, Penn State men’s lacrosse has achieved its highest ranking in program history! (Penn State News)

Props to all the volunteers, young and old, growing the game in the Tri Cities, Washington, area. You guys are providing a great example for more Pacific Northwest communities to follow! (WashingtonHSLax)

How good is 5-foot-9, 180 pound, Ryan Benesch of the Buffalo Bandits? Some say he’s one of the best. (

Don’t miss this week’s #NLLTop10! (

Casey Powell with the no-look, over-the-shoulder goal. At 38, one of the greatest of all time gets better with age! (

Truett-McConnell College as announced the addition of a varsity women’s lacrosse program. The team will compete in the National Women’s Lacrosse League. (LaxPower)

George Huguely‘s murder conviction was upheld in appeals court last week. The court found no reversible errors. Huguely is currently serving 23 years in prison. (Washington Post)

Steele, Wells, Shack… lacrosse at Johns Hopkins has quickly become a Stanwick family affair. (Baltimore Sun)

Speaking of brotherly love, Notre Dame published a nice story about Conor and Jake Doyle, two brothers now competing together on the men’s lacrosse team. Their little sister Caroline is on her way to ND next year, too. (ND Athletics Blog)

Quint Kessinich says lacrosse needs a rule change. If he had his way, the faceoff man could not leave the field until there was a shot on goal or change of possession. He wants to “make them run a real shift.” (Baltimore Sun)

Given all the blame placed on him lately, I would be really interested know what Chris Daddio of the Syracuse Orange thinks about Q’s comments! (

It’s always cool to read perspective straight from the mouth of college lacrosse players. And with that, I present to you:
Q&A with Hunter Nowicki (Senior, Midfield) of Washington College
Q&A with Jack Reilly (Senior, Defense) of Johns Hopkins

Loyola Greyhounds‘ all star defenseman Joe Fletcher has caused some new lingo to surface on the lacrosse scene. Any attackmen out there know what it’s like to get “Fletched?”

Hartford vs. Sienna. Quadruple overtime. Need I say more? (

Coach Jim Nestor and his women’s lacrosse team are building their own legacy at Salisbury University. (DelmarvaNow)

Everybody told me that my kids were going to be behind because I didn’t let them play in organized leagues. I just let them talk. As a parent, I felt that I could put more hours into them. 
– Jerome Thompson Sr. to the New York Times

Got something you want us to include in next week’s edition of Crosse ClicksDrop us a line.

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