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Crosse Clicks: Pure Goodness

Welcome to another great edition of Crosse Clicks! We find the best links, video, photos, and news and cram it all into one post. On Wednesdays we cover the college game, on Mondays we hit up everything else! Now that the Convention is over, we can get back to a more normal pace of things!

NLL Overload

The NLL kicked off last weekend, but with only one game. This past weekend, we were treated to a number of games, and the vast majority of them were exciting and competitive. It’s been a great start to the 2013 season, but it’s been hard to predict. I think I’m 0-for so far. Need to step my game up! Check out The Lacrosse Network for full NLL games, both live and archived, all season long!

With stuff like that, everyone should be able to find something to love.

Love of the Game Video

Awesome stuff. Makes me want to play lacrosse!

Adrenaline + Reebok – Win These Shoes

Adrenaline has a new promotion going with Reebok where you can win some free shoes. Not bad if you’re in shape! The Adrln website is looking good, and we love the blog aspect.

No Cup Is Safe

Nike, Tiger, Rory. Watch out cups.

NALL in FULL Swing Already!

If you live in Rhode Island, Boston, Baltimore, or Kentucky, you NEED to get out and see a North American Lacrosse League game. It’s competitive, intense, and the league is picking up serious speed.

A train taking face offs for Kentucky. Big man!

Got Three Hours? Watch the MLL Draft

It’s long, and it’s live. See the draft go down in real time.

Trevor Tierney Vs. Lax Bros

It’s open, honest, and passionate. We wouldn’t expect anything less. It’s time to get serious, and take the path of being better, and not bro-er. It’s not a simple problem, or answer, but Trevor does a great job of wading through the issue:

A couple of weeks ago, there was an amazing article in the opinion section of the New York times entitled, “How to Live Without Irony” by Christine Wampole, a professor at Princeton University. Professor Wampole commented on our society’s infatuation with living in an ironic manner (using the example of hipsters, among others) and not living in a “direct” manner. As I read it, I could not help but see a direct parallel with our own sub-culture within the game of lacrosse, commonly referred to as “lax bros”.

Now, this is not about judging anyone, anything or any aspect in particular, within the lax bro culture. 
If you want to grow a mullet or “flow”, good for you. I’ve had a mohawk or two throughout my life…

For the full blog, head on over to Tier Lacrosse.

Turkey Lacrosse Open In The News

We’re heading to the TLO in late September. Are you? The event is already getting press in the local area. It’s going to be killer!

It’s UMan, not ManU

The University of Manchester, in England, loves lacrosse. After seeing this video, you’ll love Manchester.