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Crosse Studios’ Lacrosse Dodge: The Addiction Begins!

A while back I got a sneak peek at Crosse Studios new phone App, Lacrosse Dodge, and even though I was only using a test version, I found the game to be incredibly addictive. It starts out easy, and just gets harder and harder from there, all while testing your lacrosse skills. Want to SEE what I got to see? Well, now you can:

The combination of dodging obstacles and opponents is challenging, especially as you get a little further in the game. The ability to shoot on goals in the game adds another level of skill, and the changing backgrounds kept me from getting bored, or thinking that the game was just on some kind of giant loop. As you progress, the game changes, and this definitely kept me wondering, “what’s next?

Lacrosse Dodge is set to release soon, so make sure you LIKE the game on Facebook in order to stay up to date on the game’s release, and new features!