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Crystal Ball Challenge, Week 12

It’s a Beggars Banquet for week 12 of our neverending challenge.  Lots of agreement within the ranks and that means no chance for any dramatic movement in our standings.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have make or break games this week in the NCAA. Lots of dancing dreams will be shattered this weekend.



Peter Tumbas:

Princeton– Tigers have been showing their youth the last few weekends. Can someone take some responsibility and exercise some leadership on offense? We’re shutting down the Ivy League for forever if they lose to Yale, their third consecutive Ivy league loss.

Cornell– Ryan Hurley has helmet difficulty but he has been taking some pressure of little Pannell when he needs assistance. Pannell had 1 helper against the Tigers while Hurley had 2 and 2. Pannell’s last game against Brown he had 4 and 2 in a losing effort. Hurley only had 1 goal in that game. Soooooo, they need to get on the same page.

UNC– Casual tune up for the Heels against a Buckeyes team that has already mentally checked out for football season. The Tarheels need more scoring from the midfield if they want to make a deep tournament run. Will Coach Breschi take it easy on his old team?

Hopkins– We’d give 8 years of life for a Loyola victory, but the Hounds did not show up against Denver and we can’t expect anything but another loss. Regardless of jet lag, Hopkins is not Denver, close maybe, but Denver doesn’t breath the same May air that Hopkins does. How different is said air?  Loyola hasn’t beaten Hopkins in the first week of May dating back to 2000, the last year has on file.

Georgetown– Win and they’re in. Surprised second place in the Big East came down to Georgetown and Villanova. Don’t be. Notre Dame couldn’t score goals this year. Villanova can’t either but they didn’t play Syracuse. Sweet conference alignment.

Tufts– JumbosTV never panned out the way we hoped and they still have the worst color scheme in the history of sport but Mike Daly has got this team ready to make some noise in the NCAA tournament. WesTech bores me.

Salisbury– This game used to mean something to a lot of people but since WAC is 4-9 this year and they haven’t beaten the Gulls since 2002 the game is losing its luster super fast. The last time WAC sniffed a losing record was 2001 when they went 9-8 which isn’t a losing record at all. Time for a regime change?

Roanoke– The Maroons already upended Lynchburg by 8 this season, even in the conference final, expect a similar score. Roanoke fans are as bad if not worse than Lynchburg’s. And their players make the Flyers look like newborn kittens.

Connor Wilson:

Princeton will win since this one counts.

Cornell takes it in a tight one.

UNC should win but they’re basically in and OSU is trying to salvage some pride.

Loyola doesn’t NEED it… they could still make the dance but if there are some upsets the head to head with Hop matters big time. Loyola eeks it out.

Gtown needs the win and they’ll get it. But just barely. Expect a first round NCAA exit if they do make it in.

Wesleyan over Tufts. Westech needs to shut down transition, ride like hell and score in settled situations on Foglietta.

Salisbury will roll over a struggling WAC squad. No contest.

Noke over Lynchburg. Lburg is riding high but the Maroons will bring it on O.

Jeff Brunelle:

Princeton +1: Yale will give them a tough first 3 quarters. Princeton won’t lose 3 in a row…

Cornell +2: Big Red are ready to finish out strong.

NC +3: How many UNC fans will show up wearing an item from this store?

Hopkins +1: At some point this season, when I pick Hopkins, they’re going to win. Now is the time.

Georgetown +2: It’ll be a close one, but the Hoyas need to grease this one out.

Tufts +3: Sorry @ConnorWilsonLAS, I gotta go with the 14-1 Jumbos here.

Salisbury +5: Washington College might put up a fight, but Salisbury will get the job done.

Roanoke +1: I wish I could go to this game.

Ryan Craven:

Princeton over Yale: I have Princeton down pat (hey stop laughing…I may be in last but I make a few good picks every now and then…seriously my feelings are hurt) and their hybrid box cuts will take down the Yalies

Cornell over Brown: Big Red roll over Brown in the 1st ever Ivy League tourney.  Brown is looking for their first back to back NCAA appearance in 18 years but it aint gonna happen.

North Carolina over Ohio State in a laugher.

Hopkins over Loyola: Loyola is on the bubble after not winning the AQ in the ECAC and gets nipped by Hop

Georgetown over Villanova: winner gets an at large bid to the dance. Huuuge game.

Tufts over Wesleyan: Wesleyan surprised the field in even getting to this point.  The ride ends here.

Salisbury over Washington College: Hazing incident rocked Washington College earlier in the year and now they are missing some key players.  Not a good recipe against the gulls.

Roanoke over Lynchburg

Cue the music and cut the lights. It’s time to start ending some seasons around Lax Nation.

So take me to the airport
And put me on a plane
I got no expectations
To pass through here again

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