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Crystal Ball Challenge: Week 4

The Crystal Ball Challenge continues with picks for select games of the week. Plus a deeper look at why Craven, Wilson, and Brunelle picked their winners. Play along and see if you’re smarter than our esteemed panel of experts and all around geniuses.

The Crystal Ball Challenge between 412’s Peter Tumbas and our own Connor Wilson, Ryan Craven, and Jeff Brunelle has captivated America. We pick winners of the hardest games in every level of lacrosse.  NCAA, MCLA, Division 1 to Division 3, east coast, west coast, no coast.  Big schools, small schools, some as big as your head. That’s just how we roll. At least that is until we get them wrong or Brunelle refuses to pick Duke out of spite or Craven has never even heard of the D3 school in question. Then we just wildly guess.

Check out 412 Lax for a recap of the past weeks picking action and moving forward we will be posting updates over on here the mothership as well. Feel free to make your own selections in the comments along with our panel of “experts” and see if you really are smarter than us.

So far Connor has been camped out in first place but this could be the week the king gets dethroned.

Onward and upward to this week’s slate of games:


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SFU @ Michigan
FSU @ Cal Poly
Colorado State @ Arizona State


St. Johns @ Davenport


UVA @ Cornell
Duke @ Loyola
Hopkins @ Hofstra


#19 Bowdoin @ #11 Wesleyeeeeeeeeeeeen (this game was demanded by ConBroWil)

The picks:

And here is a glimpse into the deep thinking that goes into each pick.

Connor Wilson says:

UM +5: Michigan is going to win.  The Canucks have been struggling and UM can win even without its stars. No contest here. Now, that said, watch SFU swing the upset…

CPoly +1: Cal Poly is playing at home and I think FSU’s long road trip may finally take its toll on the Noles.  Cal Poly needs this win to be considered a contender.

ASU +2: ASU Sun Devils at home against a very good CSU team.  Was tempted to pick CSU but I actually think ASU has a lot more to prove and needs the game more.

Davenport +2: Davenport I like them at home in Michigan and laxpower told me they should win.  I’m still trying to understand the MCLA D2 a little better. bear with me.

UVA +2: UVA has been looking solid lately and can control f/os with Benincasa.  Cornell will put up a good fight.  .

Duke +4: Duke needs a win here.  Loyola is good but I don’t know if Cooper MacDonnell will do as well against Duke’s poles however, if he can get a step he’ll beat Wigrizer all day.

Hop +1:  Hofstra will give Hop a good game but Hop has the slightly better talent and both teams seem to rely on their talent to win games more than team play.

Westech! +3:  Bowdoin is missing Kit Smith (still playing hockey) and Wes’ zone is looking sharp.  Wesleyan will need to shoot the ball better and FINISH than they did last year when they lost 4-3.  Yes, 4-3.

Jeff Brunelle says:

Michigan +3: After 2 unexpected losses, SFU looks to prove themselves against Michigan. Problem is it’s at Michigan.

Cal Poly +2: This will be close, but CP gets the nod for home field advantage against a spring break ridden FSU team.

Arizona State +2: 74 and sunny in Tempe, AZ. Great day for lacrosse. ASU gets the edge coming off a close game against Michigan.

St. Johns +2:  The Johnnies take it up a notch after a death match with Dayton on Saturday. It’s the legs that feed the wolf.

Virgina +4: The Wahoos are rolling.

Duke +2: Time for Duke to turn this ship around.

Hopkins +3: The Hofstra D just isn’t strong enough to hold back Hop. Though I’d like to see the Pride make it a game.

Wesleyan Sweet Lax +4: What’s a Bowdoin?

Ryan Craven says:

Michigan +8 : Something is wrong in “America Junior” and a trip to Michigan isn’t going to make things better.

FSU +4: Poly has been struuuugling lately going 1-2 in their last 3 games with a closer-than-it-should-be win over lowly San Diego. In other news Florida State has been in California for seemingly forever. I hope they stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

CSU +1:  Huge game. Could go either way.  Colorado State travels to ‘Zona and Duluth does too in the same weekend…but somehow they don’t schedule games against each other? Either they’re ducking another high profile game that could be a loss or someone seriously screwed up the scheduling.  Also ASU’s next road game isn’t until April.  7 straight without having to leave their own beds. Home cookin’ is never bad for the W/L record.

+3: Davenport is coming off a 22-11 win over something called Hope.  If hope didn’t stand a chance then how can I pick against them?

+5: last year was last year and this year is this year. Sorry Cornell but Seibald aint walking through that door.

Loyola +1 : Revenge is a dish best served cold, Colin Finnerty.

+2: Really want to pick the Pride but just not sure they can close the door on a good team after that Princeton game. Hope they prove me wrong because I’ve adopted Hofstra lax as my east coast team to root for this season.

Wesleyen +6: Bow-doin makes me think of this clip:

Ooooooooh yeeeeeeaaaaaaa.

Want to help the Crystal Ball Challenge? After you make your own picks assist the guys in coming up with a prize for the winner at the end of the season. Trophy? Cash? Embarrassing naked run around the streets of NYC? Can you think of something better? Let us know.

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