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Crystal Ball Challenge, Week 7

The CBC rolls into Week 6 with picks for select contests from nearly every level of the college game.

So what do you mean this isn’t the Cristal Ball Challenge? I thought the winner got to get his drink on with Diddy? Someone is going to be very disappointed when this is all over.

Tumbas snatched the numba 1 spot after last week. Can he keep it?

On to the games:

Further Analysis…

Connor Wilson:

UNC over Hopkins by 5. The Hop O isn’t dynamic enough and UNC’s D is solid.UNC’s O has a lot of weapons (as we saw vs UMD) even if Delaney and Bitter don’t play.

I like Hofstra over Drexel by 2-3 even though the game is at Drexel. This is a huge game for both of these 2 loss teams and could go a long way towards an at large NCAA bid if they don’t pick up the AQ.

Virginia over UMD by 4. Better midfield and a D that can run with UMD’s vaunted attack. Once again, the difference will be in the midfield where UVA is the top dog.

Denison over OWU by 3. Since Denison’s loss to Wooster, NCAC games just became that much MORE important.

CSU over CU. The Buffs are struggling and the Rams look like contenders in this rivalry game.

The ASU-Oregon neutral site game is huge. Oregon needs the win more than ASU does to validate their ranking but I think the Sun Devils will pull this one out but it will be really close.

Florida over CFU a couple.

Chapman over SFU by 4.

Ryan Craven:

UNC +3: Hopkins just doesn’t have the horses this year and North Carolina’s defense has been playing inspired.

Hofstra +2: Whatever you do, don’t hassle the Hoff.  Drexel is playing much improved ball this season but has been playing down to the level of their competition against inferior teams and getting blown out against top tier squads. The Dragons are at home so I’m counting on them to keep it close.

Virginia +2: Supremely unimpressed with Catalino’s effort last week against UNC, pretty much getting shut out the entire game only to score one garbage goal at the end to make the loss seem a little closer.  UNC mixed up their defense and was even locking off the Big Cat with a shorty for periods of the game. Look for the Wahoo’s just as talented defense to memorize that game tape and do the same.

Ohio Wesleyan +3: OWU’s mascot is the Battling Bishops? Hold on a sec while I check if their logo is as cool as it sounds…damn.  Give that grumpy old guy a mace or a spear. Common!

Colorado State +7: Look for the Buffs to keep this close to start with lots of high emotions and pumping adrenaline early in the game.  But after things settle down look for Jr. Attack Cooper Kehoe to lead the Rams offense on a scoring binge.

Oregon +1: #1 I just cant pick against the Ducks. The heart wants what it wants. The Quack got their big legitimate W of the season after taking down Chaptown so they certainly got the Sun Devil’s attention.  ASU has Simon Fraser the next day so it’s doubtful they escape Oregon without at least 1 loss. Time for the PNCLL to show what it’s got.

Florida +3: Loss to Illini makes the SELC a puzzle wrapped into an enigma wrapped in Justin Bieber’s mysterious mass marktet appeal. I can’t figure out who’s good and who’s not but I’m sticking with the Gators.  Central Florida has a solid season going for them at this point however and a W in Gainesville might shake things up even more.

Chapman +4:  Be careful of a cornered animal. Both teams will be on the road at a “neutral” site technically but half the Chaptown roster is from Lakeridge and they will be returning to their old HS haunts for the game after a tough loss in Eugene.  Lakeridge might as well be Babe City North and Chapman will ride it to a W.

JBru is a fan of Hofstra's Jamie Lincoln

Jeff Brunelle (aka Striding Man):

UNC +3: I continue to be impressed by UNC’s D. With the way the season is going for Hopkins, I just don’t see them coming up with this W.

+4: Why? Jamie Lincoln.

+1: UVA is the most solid team in NCAA D1 right now (hence that #1 ranking). This is like Alabama vs. Tennessee SEC football.

+2: OWU will step it up and be a challenge in the first half, but I don’t think they can hang with Denison.

Colorado +1: I have a hunch. Craziest outcome of the year so far and someone steps up big for CU (performance of the week). Red Hott Buffs plow in OT.

+1: Pretty sure the last time Oregon played a game in the Portland area I was on the team. We played Chappy & Utah and the crowds were much bigger than expected. I can’t imagine what it will be like this time.

+2: I think they may hit their stride. Gator chomp.

Chapman +4: This is like a home game for Babe City.

Peter Tumbas gives his own take over on 412lax

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