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Crystal Ball Challenge, Week 9

Stare into our LAS /412 Crystal Ball and what do you see? Rivalry games galore and rankings that say Peter Tumbas is “the most interesting man in the world”…Uh oh.

The tyrannical reign of Peter Tumbas atop the CB Challenge extends another week. Life is hard and working conditions are worse.

Morale is deteriorating. Children weep for relatives lost in the “Bieber Wars” and there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth across what was once a happy and relatively humble Lax Nation.

Can Connor Wilson or a late charging Jeff Brunelle save us from certain doom? The end of our Challenge is nigh.

Here are the games of the week and current standings:

Why we picked ’em

Peter Tumbas:

See PT’s comments over on 412lax

Connor Wilson:

Maryland over Hop. UMd is willing to take some risks. Hop will take fewer. UMd wins.

My head says Gtown, my heart says Loyola. I’m going with Loyola as they have strong goalkeeping, a good team D and at least 2 healthy studs on attack. Midfield scoring could be the difference here.

Virginia over Duke. Wigrizer has improved but not enough to solve the shooting gallery that is UVa.

Brown is a cusp team whereas Yale really just hopes for upsets. Brown by a couple.

CSU over MSU. The Rams will want to beat at least one of two top State of Michigan teams.

ASU over the laxcats. Sweet nickname but not a contender this year, whereas ASU certainly seems to be.

Duluth over Minn in a tight one.

BC over N’Eastern in a low scoring, tight game.

Ryan Craven:

Maryland +4:  Just a much more well rounded team.

Gtown +2:  Georgetown has played a tougher schedule and nabs this one from the Greyhounds.

Virginia +7:  Got to see Virginia up close and personal in the BCC and they have weapons all over the field. Their Defense takes your best players and just makes them disappear. Duke’s been sputtering to find consistent production from the midfield and that will let Clausen and the fellas zero in on the Blue Devil’s offensive weapons.

Brown +4: Yale is on a 4 game win streak but thats going to end when they vistit Brown.

Colorado State +6: CSU bounces back and gets revenge after taking it on the chin against a pissed off Michigan squad.

ASU +8: State has this one easy. If Mickey Miles can pull some magic out of those red boots then I’d be fine with it though.

Duluth +5: Why do all the lax heads end up in Duluth and not the other MCLA schools? It’s a mystery as old as time itself.

BC +5: The Eagle’s only losses are OOC and they’ve shown they are the #1 squad in the PCLL. This is a rivalry game with the two schools only miles apart but Northeastern will need to step it up to even keep this one close.

Jeff Brunelle:

Hopkins +1: Big home game for HOP. I think they might just pull this one out!

Loyola +1:  The Hoyas D will have to step up if they want this one. Loyola with the HFA.

Virginia +3:  Speaking of Wahoos, great blog right here:

Brown +1:  Quite the even matchup, but Brown will pull this out.

Colorado State +5: Still waiting on Alex Smith’s journal entries.

ASU +2: Would love to see the Lax Cats stand tall and give ASU a game.

UMD +4: No doubt Minnesota would love to get this win. I just think UMD has the experience and tends to play well on the road.

NE +1: Kind of a toss up, so I’ll take Northeastern by 1.

Disagree? Let our panel know what you think.

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