Czech Republic Wooden Lacrosse Stick Richard Kliment
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Rare Czech Republic Wooden Stick – Richard Kliment

What’s up LaxAllStars? Travis, aka Red Beard, dropping in from Red Beard Lacrosse here. I’m in the infamouse woodshop today with Skaggs, aka Wood Lacrosse Sticks, showing you my Czech Republic One-Handed Lacrosse Stick.

Since Skaggs doesn’t have one of these bad boys in the collection, I decided to bring it from its home in Jersey to Philly for a little show and tell. It’s a very unique stick, and the quick backstory is that the Czechs didn’t really have a lot of information about lacrosse, except for what they’ve read in books. Fascinated by Native culture and stick-ball games, they sought to bring lacrosse to the country, despite having limited access to Western Cultures due to the heavy reign of Communism at the time.

Czech Republic Wooden Lacrosse Stick Richard Kliment

The Czech pursueds the stick-ball game similar to many the ones played by tribes in the Southeast, like the Choctaw. Many Czechs fashioned their own sticks out of metal and other available resources, but one man, Richard Kliment, was fascinated by a George Catlin painting.

Based on what he was seeing in the image, Kliment decided to try to make this own sticks out wood, like the Natives, and sure enough he’s still making them today… including this one!

Czech Republic Wooden Lacrosse Stick Richard Kliment

These sticks are only about 24 to 28 inches long and fairly simple. It’s got a very sight back curve for one-handed use, even on pickups. It also has a single, non-offset head with a very unique webbing.

The crosse is finished off with a leather wrap that he’s weaved and stitched himself with his maker mark on the side.

Czech Republic Wooden Lacrosse Stick Richard Kliment

Considering they’re super rare to come by, when I ran into the maker last year at the Ales Hrebesky Memorial outside of Prague, I had to pick one up.

To add one to your collection, it looks like you’ll just have to pack your bags and meet us in the Czech Republic. Not a bade trade-off, in my opinion.