d1 fall ball video explosion weekend lacrosse predictions
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D1 Fall Ball Lacrosse Video Explosion

Welcome to a hyped up D1 Fall Ball Lacrosse Video Explosion!

The fall season is wrapping up for most D1 teams and that means video highlights from fall ball are starting to pop up left and right on the old internet. We scour the video services and websites available, compile a list of top quality D1 fall ball videos and let you have at them! It’s what a good video explosion does…

First up we have two Top 20 programs doing a little dance in the fall. It’s beautiful to watch! For more great lacrosse video, Subscribe to the LaxAllStars YouTube Channel!

Johns Hopkins Vs Drexel – D1 Fall Ball

Johns Hopkins Vs Alumni

Maryland Lacrosse – Be The Best 2014

Cornell Vs Penn State – D1 Fall Ball

Syracuse Vs Binghamton – D1 Fall Ball

UNC Vs Ohio State – D1 Fall Ball

Princeton Vs Loyola – D1 Fall Ball

Loyola Goalie Wears GoPro in Alumni Game

Notre Dame Vs Team USA

Israel Vs Harvard and Boston U.

JoJo WarDrummer Talks To Denver

NCAA Face Offs Will Look Like This:

Well, there you have it! More D1 Fall Ball lacrosse video than you could shake a stick at! I know what you’re doing today… watching all these videos again and again!

I love watching teams play fall ball lacrosse. It’s a little looser, there is less on the immediate line, and coaches and players will both try new things while working on fundamental approaches to the game. It’s a great mix of playing for the now and playing for the future.

It means little to nothing if your team wins all its fall ball games or if you lose them all. Everyone starts out with a 0-0 record in February, so the real question becomes how much better did your team get this fall? Wins and losses? They couldn’t mean less.

You’ve got 12 videos showcasing 68 minutes of awesome D1 fall ball lacrosse video above! Enjoy, watch them all, and stay on top of the game!