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D1 Madness – In Your Face LaxCast

Welcome to another great In Your Face LaxCast, where the guys talk about some of the recent D1 madness in men’s lacrosse. Upsets abound, the undefeated number fewer and fewer, and a clearer picture emerges each week. Trust the insight of two guys who have patrolled a D1 sideline or two in their day, and listen in to this week’s In Your Face LaxCast with Ryan Danehy and Andy Towers!

Main Photo Credit: Craig Chase

D1 Madness – In Your Face LaxCast Ep. 4

The guys obviously focus on D1 NCAA lacrosse, but this week they also open with a little commentary (and a tough punishment) for any coach running up the score to that degree. The guys then delve back into the big boys of D1 lacrosse, and recap all the big games, offering tons of insight.

As usual, it’s a raucous affair, and no one is safe. Things you only wonder to yourself, Andy and Ryan wonder aloud, and then we put it on the internet, so you’re not alone. They’re opinionated, and once in a while they’re even wrong, but that’s the fun of this whole thing!

You can check out awesome older episodes of the In Your Face LaxCast with the links below. There are a couple gems, and timeless classics in there for sure!

In Your Face LaxCast: PETER DANTE!

In Your Face LaxCast: Danehy, Towers & McAnaney

The guys will be back again, making picks, talking real about D1 lacrosse, and making sure you’re entertained. Sit back, and make sure to maximize your comfort. Where did Danehy come up with that? Or did he steal it? I bet he stole it. How my media poll picks look now, RD?

That’s right, I pretty much nailed it! Luck says it had to happen eventually…

Thanks to Ryan and Andy for doing this podcast. Keep up the great work, guys!