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D1 Upset City – NCAA D1 Rundown

Welcome to D1 Upset City, where big teams lose big games to other slightly less big teams. This D1 NCAA season has been unpredictable, excellent, and exciting so far! So just like last week, here’s a glimpse into what happened over the weekend in D1 men’s lacrosse.

I won’t talk in detail about every team (that’s Connor’s job in his poll), but this will let you know who had a good weekend, how each of the conferences are faring, and if there were any games that jumped out to me. And of course… there were plenty!

Loyola Photo Credit: Craig Chase
BU Photo Credit: Ryan Conwell

Boston University BU lacrosse navy

NCAA D1 Scoreboard


Wagner 4 vs. Monmouth 8
Harvard 11 vs. Holy Cross 10 OT
Richmond 9 vs. Mount St. Mary’s 6
Mercer 12 vs. Siena 11
Virginia 11 vs. High Point 12 OT


Notre Dame 11 vs. Bellarmine 6


Ohio State 12 vs. UMBC 7


Air Force 9 vs. Dartmouth 3
Albany 20 vs. Drexel 14
Colgate 11 vs. Bucknell 10 OT
NJIT 7 vs. VMI 10
Lehigh 12 vs. Holy Cross 11
Robert Morris 10 vs. High Point 15
Saint Joseph’s 16 vs. Manhattan 9
Towson 10 vs. Georgetown 7
Boston University 10 vs. Navy 9 2OT
Hartford 11 vs. Bryant 16
Jacksonville 5 vs. Duke 18
Loyola 12 vs. Lafayette 8
Penn State 9 vs. Villanova 19
Richmond 2 vs. Marquette 7
Siena 11 vs. UMass Lowell 7
Stony Brook 14 vs. Brown 16
Vermont 8 vs. Providence 11
Yale 8 vs. Maryland 5
Cornell 10 vs. Hobart 8
Denver 18 vs. Sacred Heart 7
Marist 10 vs. Binghamton 8
Notre Dame 14 vs. Detroit 5
Thiel 21 vs. Hampton 5
Bellarmine 6 vs. Quinnipiac 12
Hofstra 11 vs. Princeton 10 OT
Rutgers 12 vs. Fairfield 6
Massachusetts 9 vs. Harvard 10 OT
Michigan 10 vs. Delaware 7


Air Force 13  vs. Sacred Heart 10
Johns Hopkins 11 vs. North Carolina 15
Virginia 15 vs. Penn 10
Denver 16 vs. Dartmouth 6
Syracuse 9  vs. Army 8

The Stat Freaks

These are the players around the country who, win or lose, turned in some eye popping numbers on the stat sheet. We’re not talking good games, but “wow, seriously?!” numbers. Last week, the goalies led the way with a ton of saves. This week, the offense struck back and absolutely poured in the goals. Villanova’s Jake Froccaro led the way with eight of his own.

syracuse albany 2016 d1 upset
Photo Credit: Jeff Melnik


UVA’s Zed Williams 5G, 1A, 5GB vs. High Point
Denver’s Connor Cannizzaro 2G, 3A, 4 Shots, 5GB, 3 CT vs. Dartmouth
Denver’s Tyler Pace 3G, 3A, 4 Shots vs. Dartmouth
Denver’s Connor Cannizzaro 5G, 1A vs. Sacred Heart
Johns Hopkins’ Shack Stanwick 2G, 5A vs. UNC
UNC’s Shane Simpson 2G, 3A on 4 shots vs. Hopkins
Harvard’s Devin Dwyer 4G,3A vs. Holy Cross
Lehigh’s 2G, 4A, 5GBs vs. Holy Cross
Harvard’s Devin Dwyer 5G, 2A vs. UMass
Notre Dame’s Mikey Wynne 6G,1A on 7 shots vs. Detroit
Rutgers’ Scott Bieda 1G, 5A vs. Fairfield
Hofstra’s Josh Byrne 5G on 7 Shots, 4GB vs. Princeton
Bellarmine’s Brian Wall 3A, 4GB, 3CT vs. Quinnipiac
Marist’s Joseph Radin 7G vs. Binghamton
Stony Brook’s Matt Schulz 4G, 3A on 8 shots vs. Brown
Brown’s Dylan Molloy 3G, 6A, 3GB vs. Stony Brook
Villanova’s Jake Froccaro 8G, 2A vs. Penn State
Loyola’s Pat Spencer 2G, 4A vs, Lafayette
Duke’s Case Matheis 4G, 3A on 4 shots vs. Jacksonville
Duke’s Justin Guterding 3G, 3A on 6 shots vs. Jacksonville
Bryant’s Tucker James 5G, 3A vs. Hartford
Hartford’s Dylan Jinks 3G, 3A vs. Bryant
Towson’s Ryan Drenner 4G, 3A on 6 shots vs. Georgetown
St. Joseph’s Kyle Cain 5G, 1A on 6 shots vs. Manhattan
High Point’s Matt Thistle 3G, 3A vs. Robert Morris
High Point’s Michael LeClair 2G, 5A vs. Robert Morris
Albany’s Seth Oakes 6G, 2A, 2CT vs. Drexel


Virginia’s Michael Howard 7GB, 1 CT vs. Penn
Penn’s Connor Keating 1G, 5GB, 1CT vs. UVA
Syracuse’s Brandon Mullins 4GB, 3CT vs. Army
Dartmouth’s Austin Meacham 6GB, 2CT vs. Denver
UNC’s Jack Rowlett 6GBs, 2CTs vs. Hopkins
Richmond’s Ryan Dennis 3GB, 5CY vs. Mount St. Mary’s
Marquette’s BJ Grill 5GB, 3CT vs. Richmond
Navy’s Chris Fennell 5GB, 4CT vs. BU
BU’s Greg Wozniak 8GB, 2CT vs. Navy
Rutgers’ Christian Mazzone 4GB, 4CT vs. Fairfield
Hofstra’s Finn Sullivan 9GB, 1 CT vs. Princeton
Maryland’s Greg Danseglio 6GB, 1CT vs. Yale
Stony Brook’s Ben Randall 6GB, 1CT vs. Brown
Stony Brook’s Jeff Reh 1A, 6GB, 1CT vs. Brown
Brown’s Alec Tulett 1G, 11GB, 1CT vs. Stony Brook
Bryant’s Ryan Sharpe 1G, 1A, 4GB, 2CT vs. Hartford
Bucknell’s Matt Gilray 9GB, 3CT vs. Colgate
Albany’s Troy Reh 7GB, 2 CT vs. Drexel


Denver’s Trevor Baptiste 14/20 (70%) 6GBs vs. Dartmouth
Denver’s Trevor Baptiste 20/24 (83%) 10GBs, 1G, 1A vs. Sacred Heart
UNC’s Stephen Kelly 17/25 (68%), 9GBs, 1A vs. Hopkins
Siena’s Tyler Pantalone 14/16 (88%), 10GBs, 1G vs. UMass-Lowell
Hofstra’s Kris Clarke 15/25 (60%), 11GBS, 1CT, 1A vs. Princeton
Princeton’s Zach Currier 5/9 (56%), 11GB, 4CT vs. Hofstra
Binghamton’s Austin Macchi 12/14 (86%) vs. Marist
Maryland’s Austin Henningsen 13/16 (81%), 8GB vs. Yale
Villanova’s Luke Palmadesso 22/27 (81%), 15GB vs. Penn State
High Point’s Jamie Piluso 15/19 (79%), 8GB vs. Robert Morris
Albany’s Zach Ornstein 26/38 (68%), 1G, 11GB vs. Drexel


Penn’s Reed Junkin 16 Saves vs. UVA
Marist’s Brian Corrigan 18 saves vs. Binghamton
Brown’s Jack Kelly 20 Saves vs. Stony Brook
Robert Morris’ Matt Bukovac 16 saves vs. High Point

The Big D1 Upset Games/Surprises

  • Harvard played two games against in-state foes Holy Cross and UMass, winning them both in overtime.  This is of course after their season opening overtime victory as well. It’s a good thing the Crimson are associated with one of the best medical schools in the world, because they may need to start bringing a cardiologist to their games. I’m not sure what the record is for consecutive overtime games to open a season, but I’m sure Harvard is close if they haven’t broken it already.
  • High Point’s win over Virginia was a David vs. Goliath in terms of lacrosse history. When UVA last won the national championship in 2011, High Point was just a glimmer in someone’s eye. It would still be a full season until High Point would take the field as a program. It’s great to see such a young program gain a win over a team loaded with top recruits. The game is growing, friends.
  • Albany bounced back from their loss to Syracuse rather well by putting up 20 goals. This team definitely proved they still have the ability to light up the scoreboard. Their upcoming rematch against Cornell is some must-see lacrosse after their NCAA battle last May.
  • Boston University’s win over Navy was the biggest upset in program history. I was shocked to see BU in the game at all at half time as it seemed like Navy controlled the tempo and the ball. BU really got things going in the second half and forced overtime where they came away with the win. Looks like the Patriot League is starting off like the unpredictable 2015 version.
  • Villanova really put up a ton of points and held off Penn State for a huge win between the Pennsylvania schools. This was a big setback for the Nittany Lions who were starting to look the part of a major Big Ten contender. They still may be, but Villanova really impressed in this win.
  • In another NCAA tournament rematch, Yale topped Maryland to get a big revenge win. The 2015 game saw Maryland narrowly escape and very thankful there is no instant replay. Yale responded with a three point win over the defending national runners-up.
  • Don’t look now, but Rutgers has quietly built a 3-0 record. They have a very reasonable schedule before the conference games kick in, so keep an eye on this team. They ended 2015 very strong and are poised to make some serious noise this year in the Big Ten.
  • In what was one of the biggest, or at least most anticipated games of the week, UNC topped Hopkins to help erase some of the question marks that popped up after their loss to Hofstra. In doing so, Hopkins is now covered in more question marks than the Riddler with a schedule that gets no easier over time.
  • Speaking of question marks, Syracuse generated a few of their own after beating Army by one at home. Conventional wisdom suggest that this win should have been bigger for the Orange, but Army always makes Syracuse work for it. This game came down to literally the last second as Army rang a shot off the pipe with time expiring.

NCAA D1 Conference Comparisons

In case you missed it last week, here is where we are keeping track of how the conferences stack up against each other.  This will help quite a bit as conferences start cannibalizing themselves through the season (I’m looking directly at you, Patriot League).

ncaa d1 rundown

With Virginia splitting their games this week and UNC beating Hopkins, the ACC has been doing their job staying on top here.  The B1G is not far behind with the Ivies and Patriots League nipping at their heels.  The Big East picked up some wins over the weekend to keep the conference as a whole on the good side of .500.

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