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Daily Cheese: I’ll Convention If You Convention

If you’re in Baltimore this weekend, keep your eyes peeled. We’ll be at the US Lacrosse National Convention all day Friday and Saturday.

We’re off to see The Wizard, we’re off to see The Wizard, we’re off to see The Wizard with one thousand stickers in hand...

Lax All Stars STICKERS

We may not be wearing face paint, but we will be reppin our bright red polos through and through.
Look for us. Come say hey. Get a few stickers. Flipcam you? We just mayyyy.

We’ll be hanging with the fellas from HomeField, so make sure you swing by their booth and check out what they have to offer as well. It’ll be well worth your time. Promise promise.

Also, if you can dance like this and you come show us we’ll hook you up with some free swag. No probs.

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See ya soon Baltimore. See ya real soon.
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