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Daily Cheese: We Love Tribe7Lax


[Editor’s note: A new daily post is upon us. Introducing the Daily Cheddar, because you can never have enough cheese in your diet. Right?]

First things first, this is Tribe7:

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Dear Mr. Goalie…”]

“Wahhowww, first of all I’d like to apologize to all the goalies and defensemen of the world. This is a problem.”

I know it’s early, but so far that quote takes the cake for 2010 quote of the year. Lou Holtz is the only one who has a chance to beat it out.

The twittersphere is a stir all thanks to Tribe7Lax’s entertaining advertorials and truth be told, we’re all about ’em. So much in fact, that we’re contemplating buying a custom Savage7 to try it out for ourselves. After watching the vid above and these 3 below, we’re sold.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Believe the Hype? (never!!!!!!)”]

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”StreetBall”]

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Snow Balling”]

Watch all the other awesome vids from Tribe7 on their YouTube channel.
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