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Daily Cheese: LAS Comment Of The Week

Yesterday, Mr. Wilson‘s article, A Better Looking Princeton Tiger, became the talk of the town. And in the midst of all the commotion, we came across an entertaining comment worth sharing:

An interesting and completely valid argument indeed. Perhaps serious college teams really shouldn’t stray too far from their roots. What say you guys?

Congratulations to Anonymous, you just earned yourself LAS Comment of the Week. Had you used your real name on the comment, we’d be shipping you a Grow The Game tee in appreciation for your worthwhile input. (Of course, you can always email us now and try to claim your prize too.)



100 or so more fans to go and then we’ve got some great giveaways coming your way.

– The Knighthawks just signed goalie Matt Vinc to a 3-year deal | TSN

– If you didn’t read Mike Brand’s interview with Thomas Wood, make sure to do so now.

– Dom Starsia loves those multi-sport athletes | Lacrosse Magazine

Who supports this game??? Quidditch World Cup held in New York |

– For a moment there, I was a little concerned for Tony Parker’s well being.

Pro Athletics released a new duffle bag, the Pro SuperDuff Equipment Bag… Fully sublimated, baby.

– Maverik Lacrosse Signs Haverford College | Sweet Sweet Lax

– Rumor has it alcoholic energy drinks (AKA energy drinks for alcoholics) will be banned soon. Sayonara Four Loko.

Dogs Decoded: How smart are dogs, and what makes them such ideal companions? I’m going to watch that tonight. (Thanks to A.S. Clough for the heads up.)

What a miracle… What a play.

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