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Daily Cheese: MCLA Video Craze Part 2

Let the MCLA Video Craze continue…. These Michigan Lacrosse video blogs just get better and better.

Hold on hold on hold on… I’m 12 seconds in. Did Coach John Paul just say what I think he said?! “A lot of the guys dug these crispy shorts that we made…” That’s just peculiar and awesome. Never have I ever heard a head coach say crispy before. Well, maybe 412 but he just mumbled it.

Speaking of crispy, check out the greens over his left shoulder. If you had to guess, what kind of dressing does JP prefer?

Que the 5:37 mark. That guy in the awesome America t-shirt definitely just made me laugh. Yogurt delight smoothie?! What cloud are you riding?

6:08 – Carmel corn, a staple in any college lacrosse player’s weekend diet.

7:01 – Squatting with your earphones in: best idea or worst idea ever?

8:23 – Fantastic Animorphs reference.

Question of the day: How many college lacrosse players have spent way too much time at their local GNC?



– Who watch the return of Conan last night? I didn’t, but I’d like to know how it was…

Lacrosse The Nations recently got some great pub on Channel 6 in Ohio!

– For you nerdos out there, check out… It’s supposed to be the future of web browsing or something big like that.

– Ever have that problem where you can’t find you phone?? Happens to me all the time. Bookmark this now.

– More great art from The Art of Lax:

– “Never give up, and continue doing what you love…” – The Salt Shakerz

– Gotta give a fallball shoutout to my alma mater:
Oregon Lacrosse victorious in Fall Classic |

– Our newest Twitter follower loves mustaches.

– The new new source for Long Island lacrosse news & info: Back of the Cage!

– Con Bro Chill’s newest is certainly worth revisiting. 21st Century choreography at its finest.

– And finally, I’m going to keep linking to this because it just feels like the right thing to do.