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Daily Cheese: More Details About MTV’s Teen Wolf

The trailer for MTV’s new Teen Wolf show was leaked yesterday. I had it all ready to post, but then Viacom removed it from the big YouTube. Regardless, has some solid intel:

“While 1985’s Michael J. Fox werewolf comedy Teen Wolf was heavy on influential choreography and inventive supporting character names like “Boof,” the film was noticeably lacking in serious explorations of werewolf mythology and melodramatic romance. MTV’s Teen Wolf update hopes to solve all that, drawing out the miniature Twilight clone that was always hiding beneath Teen Wolf’s skin.”

Full article here

Said one LAS team member: “The new Teen Wolf is going to make people hate lax even more… it’s a bastardized Twilight-style remake of the classic movie and instead of basketball, little wolfboy plays lax.”

Part of me wants to agree completely with him, while the other half of me is excited that when Halloween 2011 comes along thousands of teenagers will be dressed up as werewolves carrying lax sticks. That’ll be a funny sight to see.

What do you guys think? Will this show be bad for the sport or will it ultimately be a good vehicle for publicity?

This kid may or may not be staring as the new Teen Wolf:

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”The Raisin Gang – The New Teen Wolf”]_______________________________________________________________________________________


– “Will Yeatman’s days of speaking softly and carrying a big stick as a lacrosse player are probably over.”
….Now he’s aiming for the NFL.

– Paul Rabil wore a helmet cam in Hawaii while playing 13 year olds. Okay, maybe they aren’t kids, but the camera angle sure makes his opponents look small.

– Team Canada recently named their management staff for the Indoor World Games in May

– Duke University is releasing a book commemorating “Duke’s thrilling run to the 2010 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship.”

– Major League Lacrosse champs ‘want to give back every weekend

– Three Philadelphia Area Juniors Make Verbal Commitments | LaxPower

– Lax-4-Leukemia raised $11,000. Well done, True Lacrosse!

– Tim Flynn Named Coach of U.S. U19 Team | LaxMagazine

– Commack HS is looking for a JV boys coach. Contact @dmblaxgurl2515 if you know of anyone…

– The Southern Select Lacrosse camp is shaping up to be a great event in North Carolina this summer.

Drofdarb Sports has a great writeup on The Dangers Of Surfing At Pipeline. Don’t miss it.