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Daily Cheese: RIP Andy Irons

Today on Drofdarb Sports:

I’ve surfed maybe three times in my whole life, but I have been mesmerized by the sport for years.  One of the best surfers I’ve seen and one of the most famous names in the surfing world – Andy Ironspassed away Tuesday morning in a Dallas hotel room.

Andy Irons was traveling back to Hawaii from a contest in Puerto Rico and had reportedly been battling Dengue fever – a virus transmitted by mosquitoes.  I can’t believe Andy Irons – a 3x World Champion, 4x Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Champion, & 4x Billabong Pipeline Masters Champion – died from illness despite surfing the craziest waves on the planet. It’s so sad to lose one of the best surfers in the world and he will be missed by many people throughout the world.



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Hot off the press:

Boathouse Sports Launches Online Team Stores for the Holiday’s

Philadelphia, PA – November 2, 2010 – Boathouse Sports, a Philadelphia-based manufacturer of custom team athletic apparel, today launched “Online Team Stores” for the holiday season including such notable schools as Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University, the University of Delaware and the Delbarton School in Morristown, NJ.  Boathouse Sports unique “Online Team Stores” program offers athletic directors and administrators a turn-key fundraising tool that eliminates product inventory, money collection and the hassle of distributing products.

“Hundreds of top schools and clubs are reaping the benefits of this program, with very little effort and no risk on their part,” said Doug Tibbetts, president and CEO of Boathouse Sports.  “They are raising money, building their brands and generating involvement among their alumni and booster bases.”

Here’s how the “Online Team Stores” program work.  Boathouse Sports works closely with athletic directors and coaches to create a custom online Web store that is hosted and promoted by Boathouse to sell custom branded team outerwear and apparel.  Boathouse also creates and distributes dynamic e-mails which are sent to parents, boosters and alumni to promote the opening of the store and the time remaining for the site.  Boathouse further streamlines the experience for athletic directors by taking the orders online, processing credit card purchases and shipping orders direct.  Finally, at the end of the sales period Boathouse Sports cuts a check to teams for 25 percent of the total sales for the site.

Boathouse does it again!

Lax All Stars Boathouse 2