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Daily Cheese: What’s Bulgarian For Ground Ball?

Bulgaria as the next lacrosse hotbed? You never know…

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Bulgarian Lacrosse on Ring.BG (Bulgarian sports TV channel)”]

And now for a little Bulgarian wiki-history lesson:

Throughout the nearly five centuries of Ottoman rule, the Bulgarian people responded to the oppression by strengthening the haydut (“outlaw”) tradition,[11] and attempted to reestablish their state by organizing several revolts, most notably the First and Second Tarnovo Uprisings (1598 / 1686) and Karposh’s Rebellion (1689). The National awakening of Bulgaria became one of the key factors in the struggle for liberation, resulting in the 1876 April uprising —the largest and best-organized Bulgarian rebellion.



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…the quote of the month from the lax/surfer statute story:

“First he was a clown, then he was a lacrosse player”

Insert your own joke here.

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