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Day 1 Digest – Ales Hrebesky Memorial 2018

Editor’s Note: We’re heading back to Prague! For the first time, will have three of our members on the ground in Radotin for the Ales Hrebesky Memorial 2018 to give you the most in-depth coverage and behind the scenes views of the week. Thanks to the support of MaxLax, the world leader in box lacrosse gear for goalies and players, we’ll be showing off the AHM like never before! Make sure you peep the new MaxLax player gloves – super protective, super comfortable, old school inspired beauties!

Maximum Lacrosse Max Lax

Day 1 of the Ales Hrebesky Memorial 2018 in Radotin is in the books and already it has been a wild one! Our own LaxAllStars Non-Olympic Athletes from Everyone kicked off this year’s event against Czech-based TJ Malešice, falling flat on our faces… only to bounce back in round two. The defending champs dropped a thriller to the Alberta Warriors. Newcomer Jagged Mountain even went 2-0. Drums were played. 25th reunions were had. Things are wild. Buck wild.

16 game later, we’re ready for Day 2, which will finish out the group games for half the Silver pools and the rest of the Gold group.

Before we get to Day 2, here’s a look at how Day 1 of box lacrosse here in the Czech Republic.

Schedule, info, scores, media, info…

Day 1 Results

  • (1) Silver A: TJ Malešice 12 – Non-Olympic Athletes from Everywhere 2
  • (2) Gold B Megamen 8 – Istanbul Sultans 10
  • (3) Gold D: SK Jizni Mesto 3 – Nova Scotia Privateers 6
  • (4) Silver D: Dublin Riggers 6 – London Knights 1
  • (5) Silver B: Bats Bratislava 5 – LCC Wolves 4
  • (6) Silver A: Chocolax 3 – Non-Olympic Athletes from Everywhere 8
  • (7) Gold C: Turku Titans 9 – Bundeswehr Lacrosse 8
  • (8) Silver D: London Knights 8 – Old Dogs Plzeň 3
  • (9) Silver C: Polish Eagles 4 – Jagged Mountain 5
  • (10) Gold A:: LC Custodes 14 – Vienna Monarchs 1
  • (11) Gold D: Glasgow Clydesiders 6 – Nova Scotia Privateers 4
  • (12) Gold B: Megamen 4 – Tel Aviv LC 11
  • (13) Silver B: Adler Lacrosse 2 – LCC Wolves 7
  • (14) Gold: LC Custodes 5 – Alberta Warriors 6
  • (15) Gold C: Turku Titans 3 – Green Gaels 5
  • (16) Silver C: Helan Går Lacrosse 1 – Jagged Mountain 12

maxlax maximum lacrosse logo

Day 2 Schedule

  • (17) 8.40 CEST / 2:40AM EST Gold B: Tel Aviv LC – Istanbul Sultans
  • (18) 9.30 CEST / 3:30AM EST Gold C: Bundeswehr Lacrosse – Green Gaels
  • (19) 10.20 CEST / 4:20AM EST Gold A: Alberta Warriors – Vienna Monarchs
  • (20) 11.10 CEST / 5:10AM EST Silver A: TJ Malešice – Chocolax
  • (21) 12.0 CEST / 6:00AM EST Silver C: Helan GAR Lacrosse – Polish Eagles
  • (22) 12.50 CEST / 6:50AM EST Silver B: Adler Lacrosse – Bats Bratislava
  • (23) 13.40 CEST / 7:40AM EST Silver D Riggers – Old Dogs Plzen
  • (24) 14.30 CEST / 8:30AM EST Gold D: Glasgow Clydesiders – SK Jizni Mesto
  • (25) 15.20 CEST / 9:20AM EST Play-in 5: Gold A3 – Silver C2
  • (26) 16.10 CEST / 10:10AM EST Play-in 6: Gold B3 – Silver D2
  • (27) 17.00 CEST / 11:00AM EST Play-in 7: Gold C3 – Silver A2
  • (28) 17.50 CEST / 11:50AM EST Play-in 8 : Gold D3 – Silver B2
  • (29) 18.40 CEST / 12:40PM EST Play-in 1: Gold C2 – Silver A1
  • (30) 19.30 CEST / 1:30PM EST Play-in 2: Gold D2 – Silver B1
  • (31) 20.20 CEST / 2:20PM EST Play-in 3: Gold A2 – Silver C1
  • (32) 21.10 CEST / 3:20PM EST Play-in 4: Gold B2 – Silver D1

Brian’s Worthy Watchs

Anyone who tuned into our stream of the 2018 Ales Hrebesky Memorial was in for a treat. I’m sitting around a table right now and four guys from four teams are raving about the new tournament setup. The phrase I overheard once (and have been repeating constantly as if I’d come up with it) is, “You’re getting Saturday’s games on Wednesday. The two-tier format is pitting teams of similar strengths against each other from the very first whistle, and we (everyone) love(s) it.”

I’ll keep this short, finding time to get away from 3,000 of your closest friends from all over the world is hard to do. I’ll just list a few of my favorite results from day one, followed by a brief write up on the contest.

Polish Eagles – 4
Jagged Mountain – 5

This game ended with Jagged Mountain winning, which I did see coming, but I didn’t see this slim of a margin coming. The Polish have been getting some excellent coaching from Heath Garlow, and the short numbers didn’t deter the Eagles from giving Jagged Mountian the business in their Memorial debut. The boys from Colorado looked a bit slow to adjust to the AHM pace, and Poland’s experience paid off. The Eagles are tried and true and ever improving, and Jagged has already come forward with a more impressive performance since – handing Helan Gar a definitive loss.

Istanbul Sultans – 10
Megamen – 8

This was our first example of a Saturday game being played on a Wednesday. These are two teams that carry heavyweight talent, but have been unable to claim hardware at the end of the week. Istanbul came out a to a commanding lead at the half, but a Megamen run showed us a tied game early in the second. A game of runs ensued, with Istanbul coming out the victor at full time. If this game had been played for an additional period or more, I think we would still see a similar result. One team scored three, only to be matched by the opposition. Megamen has come out of day one 0-2, and thus has been relegated from the quarterfinals and can’t finish any better than 9th – a result not many saw coming.

LCC – 5
Alberta Warriors – 6

THIS was the title fight of the night. I had the distinct pleasure of doing color commentary with Stephen Stamp for the game, and what a treat that was. We’ve been enjoying the best AHM weather Radotin has seen in at least three years, and the home crowd responded accordingly by coming out in force.

Immediately following the always-impressive opening ceremony, LCC and Alberta went tit for tat until the very last minute. With 31 seconds left, Alberta obtained possession and called a timeout. The keeper headed to the bench and Alberta banged home that ever-important game winner with five seconds remaining. LCC, the Gaels, and Alberta are all on the same side of the bracket, so luckily for the viewers we’re going to see a lot more heavyweight tilts… TODAY!

Photo Blast!

All photo credit to Marek Stor /

Maximum Lacrosse Max Lax