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Declaration of Independence from the Lax Bro

Editor’s Note: Jackson Davis stands up in defense of the “real” Lax Bro, and blames the now stereotypical Lax Bro for much of the negativity in our sport. Is this a fair, or compelling, argument for you? Do you see another problem? Or another solution? As always, we want to hear your thoughts… Progress through conversation!


In this great nation of ours, we have a great sport. A sport that has evolved dramatically from wooden sticks and mile long fields, to aerodynamic technology and 110 yard long turf beauties. In that same time period, the culture involved with this sport has changed as well. The love for mid-calf socks, pinnies, and Sperry’s are just some of the sideshow staples of this new culture… And for the most part, they are qualities of the Lax Bro.

Don’t hate the game, or the Bro.

But the name Lax Bro has been tainted by unfortunate events, and these events have made the title undesirable for many people, including recruiters and people of the general public. The people that bring the name Lax Bro to shame are not true lacrosse players; they are simply jerks. The stereotypical Lax Bro as I like to call it. They don’t represent the culture and the sport like true lovers of the game would. This has become a problem, and that’s why I demand Independence. I demand to set the record straight.

Over the past couple of years, the media has been attacking Lacrosse by primarily showcasing cases of crime, committed by Lacrosse players, and Coaches, to the public, thereby terrorizing the image of the sport. The stereotypical Lax Bro is poisonous to the sport’s growth and an individual’s growth as well.

An interesting video by Adrenaline. I wonder where this will go long-term?

My goal is simple. I want to enhance the image of the sport. I want to educate people about what a real “Lax Bro” acts like. I want to educate Lacrosse Companies about what real Lax Bros want in products. I want to prevent any discrimination when Lax Bros identify themselves as such, from employers, recruiters, and educators.

The stereotypical Lax Bro has been ruining the name and the sport, making it hard for the sport to grow and for the real Lax Bro to be recruited:

  • They have stunted the growth of the game through negative media.
  • They have provided companies with reasons to produce ridiculous apparel and equipment that drives newer people away from the sport.
  • They have produced a negative image with fellow students, co-workers, and other people they come in contact with.
  • They have scared employers and recruiters by identifying themselves as Lax Bros; therefore they assume every Lax Bro is bad.
  • They have disrespected females and brought mischief to the teams they play for.
  • They have associated the name Lax Bro to someone that only parties and doesn’t care about anything except himself and his beer.
  • They have forced undesirable opinions onto others that make all Lax Bros look like raging, rich, white boys.

The real Lax Bros are frustrated with this stereotype and they demand the truth to be told. If this stereotype is not buried, it will not only hurt Lax Bros. It will hurt the entire sport of Lacrosse. This includes the companies that supply Lacrosse Equipment, Women’s Lacrosse, Indoor Lacrosse, and the jobs of many that rely on Lacrosse. It is on all of us to make the stereotypical Lax Bro a thing of the past.