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Defense is the first offense

Crosse Clicks: Defense is the First Offense

Providing a weekly rundown of the most interesting things that recently happened in the whole wide world of lacrosse, Crosse Clicks is to the lacrosse enthusiast as SparkNotes is to the above-average student! Let’s take a look at how specialization in lacrosse is destroying our game…
[dropcap]L[/dropcap]et’s get something straight… There is NO reason any novice lacrosse player should ever be cornered into specializing by a coach.

#WhenIWasAKid, I was amongst the first generation of lacrosse players in my community. Our coach took one look at me and threw me onto the defensive side of the field because I was chubby and couldn’t run fast. It wasn’t fair, but I got lucky and fell in love with the physical aspects.

Fast forward 15 years, and coaches at both the youth and high school levels in emerging lacrosse areas are still picking out the fat kid and sticking him on D or in the goal. Based on what I’ve learned about lacrosse over the course of creating and operating Lacrosse All Stars, I’m convinced that kind of coaching is disrespectful to our beautiful game.

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As coaches, it’s our duty to give young players the best opportunity possible to develop a passion for the game. Therefore, every new lacrosse player should get a chance to try out each position and figure out which one they prefer.

No, this isn’t some sort of “everyone gets a trophy” mentality I’m trying to spew on you right now. It’s much, much deeper than that and it WILL effect the growth of the game, specifically in non-hotbeds, if specialization continues to be forced at a young age.

Instead of assigning positions to players, coaches need to listen and get to know the kid their working with first. Size, speed, athleticism…sure those are all great, but going off of what you see will never lead you to understanding a player’s true passion, resiliency, or fears.

Look at Matt Vinc, world-class goaltender for the Rochester Knighthawks. In field lacrosse, he was a fantastic longpole at Canisius, and he currently plays for Team Canada. Kyle Harrison has played attack, offensive and defensive middie, and he occasionally does face-offs, too. These lacrosse all stars have never limited themselves to just one position.

This past LXM PRO season, Maxx Davis, who didn’t start facing off until he turned pro, had to jump from the midfield to the cage when goalie Matt Russell broke his thumb. To truly understand lacrosse, you must see the different sides of the field.

Up until this point, I’m the only one in my little world I’ve ever heard state “defense is the first offense,” and to be honest, I think that’s a huge piece of the puzzle that’s missing out West. As a coach, at no matter which level, there is no reason you shouldn’t empower each and every one of your players to think creatively when they pick up the ball with their stick. To instill this mentality, one must preach the roots of the game just as much as the fundamentals.

Putting a kid in a corner and telling him who he’s supposed to be… taking away his power to choose which position he plays…. That’s no way to honor The Creator’s Game.

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