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Defensive Exercises: Long Stick Middie Malcolm Chase

Hello LaxAllStareans!

I’ve been all around the country this Summer, playing in Tahoe, coaching camps, playing box in Chicago, and basically just keeping a stick in my hands as much as possible. While working at one of the Xcelerate Lacrosse Camps, I had the opportunity to catch up with Long Stick Middie coach and current Boston Rockhopper, Malcom Chase, in the amazing Oregon State University weight room.

Malcolm Chase Wimmer Solution Hawaii Grow The Game
Malcolm, with the pink GTG lid, is a baller.

Malcolm is known for his athletic and aggressive play, his freakish ability in the weight room, and his great personality. He showed me a few exercises that are crucial for any defensemen (or any player for that matter) trying to take their speed, power and balance game to the next level. Check out what Malcolm has to show us:

I played with Chase in a little camp pick-up game and let me tell you, this stuff works… this guy is fast!  And not just fast for a 33 year old. He’s fast for a human being! Even though it’s the off season, it’s crucial to be hitting the gym and getting your body tuned up for the season. Start working out like Malcolm Chase and you could see an exponential bump up!

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