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Australia - Denver 2014 International Lacrosse Update
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Denver 2014 International Lacrosse Update 2

The FIL 2014 World Lacrosse Championships are rapidly approaching! International Lacrosse worldwide are all extremely excited. National teams around the world are preparing to make the trip to Colorado for two weeks (or more in some cases) in July, and that means a lot of training camps, scrimmages, and quite a bit of fundraising!

For more on Denver 2014, check out our dedicated section, brought to you by Brine Lacrosse! Australia Photos provided by WA Lacrosse, courtesy of the ALA. Italy photo courtesy Giacomo Bonizzoni.

Italian National Team

the FIGL (Italian lacrosse federation) released the list of the Italian players who will take part in the next World Championship in Denver.


Here is the roster:

Goalies – G.M. Ciallela U.S.A., Alessandro Resse (Roma Leones)

Difesa – Kevin De Benedetto U.S.A., Tom Wilmot U.S.A, Andrea Lubrano (Roma Leones), Alessandro Battisti (Roma Leones), Luca Coggi (Red Hawks Merate), Francesco Ballardini (Bocconi Sport Team)

Midfielders – Tommaso Rondi (Bocconi Sport Team), Federico Galperti (Bocconi Sport Team), Davide Politi (Bocconi Sport Team), Jacopo Colombo (Red Hawks Merate), Lorenzo Cameriere (Roma Leones), Lorenzo Balzarini (Bocconi Sport Team), Claudio Palombi (Phoenix Perugia), Lorenzo Battaglia (Taurus Torino), Thomas Flibotte U.S.A.

Attackmen – Francesco Sacchi (Red Hawks Merate), Pietro Carabellese (Bocconi Sport Team), Dario Giorgini (Roma Leones), Steven Whitford (Phoenix Perugia)

2 more italian-american players will be chosen by head coach Pete Delisser soon.

The National team gathered in Prato, on January 25th and 26th and carried out its first training session on the field of the new Italian team “Prato Grizzlies”.

We would like to remind everyone in Italy and abroad that they can donate to the Italian National Team through the crowdfunding Italia Lacrosse Road to Denver 2014:

Thanks to Coach Cibe for the update here!

Australia In Japan

From our friends at WA Lacrosse:

The current Australian squad will take on the teams from Universities across Japan as well as the Japanese National Squad. Australia is expected to perform quite well in the tournament, particularly against Japan, who they defeated by a goal the last time they met in June of 2013.

Veteran Australian Goal Keeper Warren Brown (Bayswater LC) has come out of retirement and is hoping to make this his third Australian team and World Championship. Last time he represented Australia was 2006 in London, Ontrario, and prior to 2002 in his home town of Perth, Western Australia. On both occasions Australia won bronze medals.

Warren Brown led Bayswater to an Aussie national club title.

Brown said, “It has been an amazing journey since coming out of retirement. All of the boys in the squad have been really supportive. I never thought I would be going back to Japan or any future World Championship as a player.”

Alex Brown (Wembley LC) is looking to make this his second road to gold at a World Championship and Matt Diver (Wembley LC) and Thomas Graham (Bayswater LC) are competing for spots in their first Senior World Cup Team. Both men represented Australia in Under 19 World Championships.

As soon as the guys return from the Japan there is no rest for the West Aussies– All four of them will continue their weights and running  program as well as Lacrosse training sessions for their clubs team and Australian Squad training sessions.

Two other West Australian men are also still in the Aussie square and available for selection in the Australian team, but will not participate in the Japan tour as they are in the USA playing Lacrosse through the NCAA College system.

Thailand Going With Nike

Swiss 2014 Roster

Norway 2014 Roster

The Czech Republic Needs Your Help!

Significant costs related to the travel, lodging, and equipment needed to send a team to this year’s world games currently fall directly onto our players; many of whom cannot shoulder the burden alone and would greatly benefit from your help.”

Get Involved Here.

Support Colombia Lacrosse

Check out this video and get involved!

Mexico Lacrosse Update

There are 30 men in Mexico currently working and training for Denver. The team has a Facebook page set up and you can learn a lot more about them there. This will be Mexico’s second trip to the FIL World Championships, as the team went in 2010 to Manchester, England. Mexico went 0-3 in their pool play (and0-5 overall) on that trip but gained valuable experience, and will be looking to improve greatly this time around. With four nations now representing North America, it is the first continent (outside of Australia, which is a country AND a continent) to have a representative team playing from every country (US, Canada, Iroquois, Mexico).

There are a number of University level clubs playing in Mexico, and Mexico Lacrosse has some excellent photos of the in-country action here. For more on Mexico Lacrosse, check out Southland Lacrosse’s post on Fullerton’s Paul Morgan.

Team USA 30 Man MLL Highlights