Australia Men's International Lacrosse Head
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Denver 2014 International Lacrosse Update 8

We’re getting closer and close to the FIL World Championships in Denver! International Lacrosse team rosters are being trimmed down to a final set, numbers are being assigned, players are working harder than ever to prepare, and many fundraising efforts are nearing their final stages!

For more on Denver 2014, check out our dedicated section, brought to you by Brine Lacrosse!

Make sure you read Update #1Update #2Update #3Update #4,Update #5 and Update #6! ALL of these posts are filled with lots of interesting info! Last week we learned that Lacrosse had been accepted into The 2017 World Games! What do we have on tap this week?

Jerseys Numbers Assigned for Team USA

It’s interesting to note that Matt Abbott got #3, while Pannell took #32. Now he and his brother James wear the same number. That’s nice! Ned Crotty got the deuce-deuce, and JoJo Marasco is rocking #39. Jesse Schwartzman has opted to flip his typical 19 into 91. Kevin Leveille rocks #19. Mitch Belisle is usually wearing #85, and in college wore #36, but he has gone with #21. David Lawson has gone with #31, his original number in college, as Brendan Mundorf gets #2.

Argentina Nears Funding Goal

They are SO close… help them make that final push!

Development Efforts in Thailand Pick Up

To complement the development efforts in and around Bangkok, the TLA hosted a try out this past weekend in Denver for American-based Thai players. A good number of hopefuls made it out to the Mile High City for a chance to impress Head Coach, Dylan Sheridan, and other members of the TLA coaching staff. This tryout, along with a past tryout in Thailand and scrimmages in Singapore, will help decide who makes the final 26, and then final 23, for the world championships.

Sweden Names 2014 Roster

Australia Dye Job – For Auction

Portugal Dye Job – Also Very Cool

And make sure you check out all the national team dye work done by Rock-It Pocket!

The Games That Never Was

There is a great piece on the FIL’s site about an Australia vs. New Zealand game that was supposed to be played 100 years ago, but never was. The outbreak of WWI got in the way of the game, it was never played, but it is now being resurrected. It’s well worth a read!

If you have an international piece of news, send it on over to us and we will include it in our next update!