Denver 2014 International Lacrosse World Championships
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Denver 2014 Video Explosion

I don’t know about you, but I am beyond excited for the FIL World Championships this Summer in Denver. 38 teams from around the world will descend on Colorado for two weeks of lacrosse action, and by the end of the third week in July we’ll have a new World Champ! Will it be the US? Canada? Will the Iroquois surpass everyone? Whatever happens, it’s going to be superb.

To get you even more excited, we’ve put together a video explosion with some of the best Denver 2014 visual stimulation available! Brine Lacrosse has stepped up to sponsor the Denver 2014 section on our site, and that is well worth checking out time and time again as the FIL games rapidly approach.

For now, enjoy the videos!

Road to the Rockies: Making Team USA

Australian Men’s Lacrosse 2014 Video

Thanks to Warren Brown for sending this one over!

2010 FIL World Championship Videos

Thanks to Payu Nerngchamnong for sending these video links over!

Kandote – Uganda Lacrosse

Uganda reached their goal, and they will be coming to Denver! Very excited for the first African nation to come to the World Championships!

We will be updating the Denver 2014 section with more content as the games approach. Enjoy, and get excited if you weren’t already!