Did Mikey Powell Just Join Easton Lacrosse? Yes

UPDATE: It’s him.  The one and only Mikey Powell has joined Easton’s Parkour team!  Wait, he’s joining them as a sponsored lacrosse player?  Oh, cool!

We called it a couple of days ago when the video (below the update portion) came out, and now there is oh so obvious proof via the video below.  It’s a little artsy, but pretty fun to watch, and the action definitely picks up as the video progresses.  I said parkour above because while Powell wows you with his stick skills, he also goes extreme at an abandoned farm or industrial plant.  It’s all very post-apocolytpic lacrosse.

Mikey Powell is a huge name, with a huge draw.  He might not be playing in the MLL this summer, but he’s a big pick up for Easton no matter what.  Easton is making moves!

Easton Lacrosse just posted a new video on their Facebook page titled, “He Is Ready.”  Is the “He” in the video Mikey Powell?  It certainly looks like him!

Mikey has been with Brine for the past couple of seasons, and he was still under contract with the company until recently.  This was true even when he wasn’t playing, but to me, the relationship didn’t seem poised to last when MP made some comments about “needing a new stick” to Inside Lacrosse in a video interview up at Lake Placid.

Well, now it seems like Mikey might be joining his oldest brother, Casey Powell, as part of the Easton Lacrosse family. I don’t know if it’s him for sure, but let’s look at the video evidence a little closer…

Some might say it’s Casey in the video, which is possible because he’s coming back from surgery… but this doesn’t really look like him that much. I don’t think Casey has ever been that pale, at least not since he moved to Florida.

The shoes – chukka style boot sneakers?  That’s a Powell staple.

The socks – Rocking the number 22 on the socks gives some creedence to the MP call.

He Is Ready Easton Lacrosse Powell

Well he is now that he tied his shoes.

The person – from the slender frame to the angular face, it looks like MP. The almost hairless calves are also a strong sign. When you’ve seen as many lax photos as I have, you notice these things.  Is it a little creepy?  Yes it is… but at least I’m being honest. You know you did the same thing too.

Mikey Powell Easton Lacrosse

Is that Mikey?

The video says the announcement is coming on January 12, 2012, so we’ll have to wait a couple days for confirmation. If this truly is Mike Powell, the question becomes, did Easton do a great job of “leaking” the info via this video? Or did the cat get out of the bag earlier than they would have liked? And if it’s not MP in the video… well, then I’m an idiot.  But hey, you may have thought that already!

Is Mikey Powell Really Returning To Lacrosse? This video seems to say yes, pretty emphatically.


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