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Drew Adams Tries Box Lacrosse Goalie

I was over in New Jersey the other week checking out an American Indoor Lacrosse Association clinic in Ridgewood, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon Drew Adams‘ first moments as a box lacrosse goalie. We put together a fun video on the behind the scenes action for our MVP members. It’s the added perk of being a paid member!

Johnny Mouradian, General Manager of the Philadelphia Wings, loved Drew’s demeanor, and his willingness to try something new, and against kids less than half his age. He also noted that Drew seemed like a “great locker room guy”, which is a big compliment coming from a guy like Johnny.

Adams suited up in Lance Gibson’s equipment, and Lance is a high school player and (box goalie!), currently enrolled at Bergen Catholic, also in New Jersey.

Off camera, I took a couple long range shots at Drew, and he snuffed those out no problem. He remarked that once he realized that “getting hit by shots doesn’t hurt at all,” his confidence grew, and he handled the outside stuff no problem. I thought he did really well for it being his first time ever, and I’m hoping he tries it again! Maybe in Prague next year?