Duke Gloves, Duck Gloves & A Platter O’ Links


Duke Shakedowns and Vengeance gloves:

Duke Gloves

University of Oregon’s new Brine King II’s:

MCLA 2010 Oregon Gloves 1

This was their other option:

MCLA 2010 Oregon Gloves 2

Good choice?

Link Platter:

– Lacrosse Playground has Brine mockups for the Syracuse club lacrosse team.

– The trailer for “The Carter”, a Lil Wayne documentary, hit the interwebs. Must watch.

– KH18 gets a shoutout from Pete Vlastelica, CEO of Yardbarker, in this Blogs With Balls Podcast

Mikey Powell does a number on his defenders. Is there an attackman out there who can match this?

– Study: Sports Fans Get More News Online Than From Any Other Source

– There’s a lot of talk about Mike Posner these days. We can’t complain. His stuff is damn good.

– Every now and then you come across a lengthy lacrosse story worth telling your friends about. This one is rightfully titled “Eighteen Years Later, Remembering the Greatest High School Lacrosse Game Ever Played


  1. Duke gloves on the left? dope.
    Duke gloves on the right? F.Ug. straight up, Duke always has both some of the best AND worst gear. The black gloves from last year? laughable. they looked like Casio “my first lax glove”. the ones on the right aren't much better. In general the Vengeance gloves are JUST AWFUL. they look like CHEAP Warrior knockoffs… to look like a Warrior glove is boring. to look like a cheap knock off is reall unforgivable. I like the shakedowns though.

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