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Duke Gloves, Duck Gloves & A Platter O’ Links

Duke Shakedowns and Vengeance gloves:

Duke Gloves

University of Oregon’s new Brine King II’s:

MCLA 2010 Oregon Gloves 1

This was their other option:

MCLA 2010 Oregon Gloves 2

Good choice?

Link Platter:

– Lacrosse Playground has Brine mockups for the Syracuse club lacrosse team.

– The trailer for “The Carter”, a Lil Wayne documentary, hit the interwebs. Must watch.

– KH18 gets a shoutout from Pete Vlastelica, CEO of Yardbarker, in this Blogs With Balls Podcast

Mikey Powell does a number on his defenders. Is there an attackman out there who can match this?

– Study: Sports Fans Get More News Online Than From Any Other Source

– There’s a lot of talk about Mike Posner these days. We can’t complain. His stuff is damn good.

– Every now and then you come across a lengthy lacrosse story worth telling your friends about. This one is rightfully titled “Eighteen Years Later, Remembering the Greatest High School Lacrosse Game Ever Played