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Dying Chrome For Dummies…

Editor’s note: Josh Rottman stops by with a great post on the pitfalls of trying to dye chrome.

A few weeks ago I accidentally debuted my summer spoon to the LAS network in all it’s chrome glory. I had made a promise to the Gods of Flow never to go chrome, to always stay white-on-white after a long period of almost exclusively using tye-died heads. Then I got my hands on one, and all that hooplah ended quickly.

Today I sit down with my good friend and former teammate Ryan Westfall, who–inspired by my summer spoon–recently attempted the unthinkable, to outdo my summer twig with a wand bold enough to be sold top shelf at Ollivander’s. Somehow he landed himself a chrome Warrior Evo Pro 2.0 and began applying his signature “inside-out” dye, as you can see him using here:

Ryan Westfall inside out lacrosse dye ASU lax
Westfall uses a dyed head. You should too!

Only this time, SUMMER SPOON COLORS!

Chrome inside out dye job lacrosse lax
And it begins!

You may already see the big problem. Ryan’s patented “inside-out” technology requires the use of electrical tape on the inside of the head, to keep the rather ridiculous summer spoon purple off the chrome. The top looks great, exactly what he wanted. Unfortunately what he (and I, and most likely you) didn’t know is that if you heat up those “8 layers” of chrome enough, they’ll peel right off with the electrical tape when you remove it. Check it out:

Chrome inside out dye job lacrosse lax
No way, Ted! Right, Bill?
Chrome inside out dye job lacrosse lax
Bye bye chrome, hello E.T. skin.
Chrome inside out dye job lacrosse lax
Seriously, E.T. go home.

Summer spoon down. Release. Let this be a lesson to you: A boom box is not a toy. Also, chrome can peel if you tape it while dying. If anyone has managed to complete this dye or another chrome dye using electrical tape, please post it below with your comments and blather.

Top shlef dye and string job lacrosse lax
Top shelf stuff at Ollivander's wand shop; Diagon Alley.