Ear Milk: Lupe’s Enemy Of The State, Cudi’s Cudderisback


lupe enemy of the state

For those Lupe fans out there…

The One – Lupe Fiasco, Enemy Of The State

Turnt Up – Lupe Fiasco, Enemy Of The State

Say Somethin – Lupe Fiasco, Enemy Of The State

Full Download

01 Intro
02 The National Anthem
03 All The Way Turnt Up
04 Fireman
05 L.A.S.E.R.S. Manifesto Interlude
06 Angels (remix)
07 So Ghetto
08 Say Something
09 Thank You
10 The One
11 Popular Demand
12 HP Skit

A couple other cool things from Lupe here and here.

lupe fiasco 1

Up next, Cudi is back…

Cudderisback – Kid Cudi Freestyle

Download here.

KidCudi freestyle

All-in-all, these lyrics flow. Quality beats too (loved Lupe’s use of the Clipse and Lil Wayne tracks). Got ’em via earmilk, the new go-to site for what the kids call “the freshness”.

Got somethin better? Favorite Lupe line? Drop a comment and lemme hear it.

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