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2022 Tewaaraton
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Early 2022 Men’s Tewaaraton Candidates

We are three weeks into the season so it’s about time we have our first 2022 Tewaaraton update. This list is not by any means meant to be exhaustive, but it gives a decent picture of where things stand.

Now I know what everyone will think when going through this list, why do they all play attack? Well I’m not delusional enough to think that this award was ever intended to be given to a defensive player, and because history shows that an attackman has won the award every year since 2010.

2022 Tewaaraton

Preseason Favorites

The full list of 2022 Tewaaraton players to watch released the the Tewaaraton official website, which can be found here.

Current Front Runners

Chris Gray, Attack, UNC (19G / 14A)

The hands down favorite going into the season has consistently proven he’s the best player on the field. With 33 points through 5 games, he is able to overcome the fact that every team is planning for him and that his young midfield doesn’t do much to take the pressure off of him. As long as UNC is a top 10 team when the season ends, it’ll be hard to deny him the award.

Pat Kavanaugh, Attack, Notre Dame (5G / 6A)

The bloodline is strong and while the emergence of brother Chris will seemingly cut into Pat’s stats, the elder Kavanaugh will have no problem putting up gaudy numbers again this year. The only thing that could keep him from being a front runner later in the season is the fact that the Irish are just hitting the meat of one of the country’s toughest schedules.

Dyson Williams, Attack, Duke (23G / 6A)

Dyson is thriving back at attack for the Blue Devils. His numbers are a bit inflated compared to others on the list, since he’s played 7 games already. Expect production to plateau somewhat, as the Blue Devils face more talented defenses in the coming weeks.

Logan Wisnauskas, Attack, Maryland (16G / 9A)

Can the ‘Terps go back to back with Tewaaraton winners? 72 points in 2021 and there seems to be no slowing down as he is averaging 6.25 ppg. It’s very hard to keep a National Champions top offensive player from winning the award. If the ‘Terps pull it off, he is likely your winner.

Connor Shellenberger, Attack, Virginia (8G / 17A)

After a breakout freshmen year resulting in 79 points, the redshirt sophomore is now on everyone’s radar. Like Wisnauskas, a three-peat for Virginia with anything over 70 points likely results in a Cavalier Tewaaraton award winner. He and Wisnauskas are both averaging 6.25 points, Connor being on pace for an 87 point season.

You’re Saying There’s A Chance

Josh Zawada, Attack, Michigan (23G / 17A)

When you lead the country in PPG you make the list by default. The issue is that his points have all come from less than stellar competition. If he can continue this performance into BIG conference play, then he has a chance to win the award.

Max Waldbaum, Attack, Jacksonville (22G / 8A)

Waldbaum is everyone’s favorite D3 transfer. The big body attackman has been the spark that Jacksonville has needed to win some incredibly big games this year. If Jacksonville can finish the season inside the top 10, he has a legitimate shot at winning.

Brennan O’Neill, Attack, Duke (19G / 7A)

O’Neill is a freak, but it’s hard to win the award when you are the second most productive attackman on your own team. If he can surpass Dyson Williams in points, his 2022 Tewaaraton chances go up dramatically.

Brendan Nichtern, Attack, Army (13G / 17A)

Army gets no respect, period. Nichtern can average 8 points per game but if Army isn’t in the top five, he probably gets passed up by an ACC player.

Tucker Dordevic, Midfield, Syracuse (11G / 2A)

The lone midfielder on my list has been playing like a man possessed. Like the others in this section, if Syracuse can maintain their early season success he can make an argument to become the first midfielder since Ned Crotty (2010) to win the award.