IYF Early Recruiting Special
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Early Recruiting In College Lacrosse | Podcast + Video

IN YOUR FACE is pleased to present a special edition podcast about the current state of early recruiting in college lacrosse. In a world where everyone is entitled to his own opinion, you can’t fault us for having ours.


If you have a contrasting opinion, we want to hear your take! Drop your opinion about early recruiting in the comments section below.

Bonus Round: Early Recruiting Rant

“Breaking news, a 2021 from Pennsylvania has committed to Maryland. He is yet to start his 8th grade spring season.

A couple of weeks ago on the show, AT convinced us of the importance of bedtimes and what role they may or may not play in the recruiting process. We openly discussed the recent news of an eighth grade boys lacrosse player committing to the University of Maryland:

I have an 8th grade daughter and I have a 4th grade son. This is the rule I think that the college coaches should abide by: If a kid has a bedtime, college coaches should not be able to offer him a scholarship. Come on guys. He’s only in the 7th grade.

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