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The Road East vs West The past, present and future LXM Pro Featured

The Road: East vs. West – Past, Present and Future

LXM Pros Erik Krum, Shamel Bratton, Matt Russell, and Peter Baum discuss their own upbringings in the sport, including the experience of getting recruited and turning pro, and the apparent differences in the sport of lacrosse when it comes to East Coast versus West Coast.

The gap in talent between lacrosse players from the East versus those from West is closing quicker every year. Lacrosse is no long a Northeast dominated sport. The Tewaaraton Trophy has finally landed in the arms of someone with roots West of the Mississippi.

This game we all love is spreading rapidly across the country and around the world, and I hope you’ll all agree with me when I say it DESERVES to be recognized as a sport with rich history, not just rich wallets or prep schools in the Northeast.

When we were in Orem, Utah, last fall for the LXM|ATS 801 event, we had the opportunity to chat with a few of the key professional players in attendance. Erik Krum, Shamel Bratton, Matt Russell, Peter Baum… each player traveled a different road to get where they are today.

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I could go on and on about how great these guys were to hang out with and get to know. Look no further than a guy like Erik Krum, who’s emerged as a fan favorite on the LXM PRO circuit. Guys like Krum, from Colorado, and Peter Baum, from Oregon, are proof that roots don’t matter if you’ve got the heart and will it takes to polish your game, take risks and chase your dream.

Here’s a bit more background on each of the guys interviewed in the video above:

Erik Krum was raised in Denver, CO and played high school ball in Los Angeles. From California Erik moved to Salisbury, MD to play for the Gulls. He’s now back living and coaching out of Southern California.

Matt Russell started his lacrosse career in Connecticut before attending the Naval Academy in Maryland. His time in the service had him stationed in California where he decided to stay after the Marines. Matt coaches lacrosse in the San Francisco area and is a STX sponsored athlete.

Shamel Bratton grew up in playing in Huntington, New York, before heading to Virginia for college. Shamel currently resides in South Florida where he coaches and trains. He has traveled the country on the LXM PRO Tour experiencing lacrosse in the different corners of the country.

Peter Baum is the the only Tewaaraton Trophy winner to come from the West. He grew up and played ball at Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon, before moving East to help put the Colgate men’s lacrosse team on the map. Bouncing between Portland and San Diego, Peter has seen the best lacrosse in the West and East.

East vs West Discussion

Got an opinion about lacrosse in the East vs lacrosse in West? Feel strongly about how talent from each coast compares? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You’re cordially invited to comment below!

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