Punch In The Face
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Eating To Grow, Food Ratios, And A Good Punch In The Face

Building on my post from last week where I talked about how to Gain Good Weight, I wanted to tackle a few additional questions to help you on your way.  What should you be eating?  And at what ratios?  How much protein should you consume?  What’s the best ratio of protein-to-carbs-to-fat????  Pressing questions, and I’ll try to provide you with some broad answers to get you going!

Punch In The Face
Be the fist, not the face!

Here is a solid benchmark for in-season diets versus out of season diets.  Please keep in mind, that this is very broad.  I could talk to 100 athletes and give them all different answers based on their individual needs.

Now, here’s the thing, do you know if your caloric intake value is anywhere near it needs to be?  Are you at 3,000 calories… or 4,500?  Are you taking a quality multi-vitamin and fish oil?  If not, find out where you stand (and read the last post!).  The answer is No, you probably aren’t eating enough, so shut up and do your part!

Here is a decent benchmark to start with:

In Season – 40% carbs (90% being quality complex carbs), 30% protein, and 30% fat.

Out Of Season – 40% protein, 30% carbs(90% bein quality complex carbs), 30% fat.

My very general reasoning is that in-season you are weight training less and running more.  In the off-season, you are weight training more and running with less volume.

old school vintage weightlifting dumbells press overhead
Bet this dude used to eat like crazy.

And here’s the BIG thing; this advice is simple, but useless, if you aren’t conistent with your calories over 7 day time periods.  The most disciplined athletes control their caloric intakes and can easily make adjustments to meet their daily/weekly needs.  I’m convinced that this is responsible for holding athletes back more than anything else.  The real “punch in the face” is that this is probably the easiest thing to control as an athlete.

Control what you can control“,  right?  And what’s easier than that controlling what you literally put in your mouf?