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2016 European Lacrosse Championship Gold Medal
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Gold and Bronze Medal Games – EC16 Highlights

The 2016 European Lacrosse Championships are all wrapped up and we have killer highlights from the Gold and Bronze Medal Games, which took place on Saturday evening. After a long trip back to the States, an attempt at avoiding jetlag, and a number of planes, trains, and automobiles, we’ve got the video goods.


We hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed being there in person! Thanks to Uncommon Fit for getting on board with this project, and congrats to all the teams on a superb showing in Hungary!

EC16 Gold Medal Game

EC16 Bronze Medal Game

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Finland vs Wales – EC16 Bronze Medal Game”]

BONUS – Hungary Vs Denmark

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Hungary vs Denmark – EC16 Highlights”]

This was Hungary’s first ELF event, and the organizers did a great job of bringing lacrosse to Gödöllö, Hungary and making sure all the players were housed and fed without sky-high costs. It allowed a record 24 teams to participate in the event, and it also saw Croatia and Bulgaria send teams for scrimmages and festival play. Considering how small, and self-funded much of European Lacrosse is today, the EC16 organizing crew did a great job.

The members of the Lacrosse Office and Press Office put in crazy hours and were always ready to help solve problems and plan proactively. Volunteers from all over Europe flocked to the event, and without them, it simply could not have happened. These young men and women, clad all week in neon green shirts, put in long hours, had a lot of un fun, and all worked their butts off. They added so much to the event, and deserve a boisterous ovation for their efforts.

Thanks to Brian Witmer, Cassie Brunelle, and Bruce Pirie for coming along with us on this trip of a lifetime, and thanks for sharing our experiences with so many people. We hope our readers got an unprecedented look into European Lacrosse over the last two weeks.

Finally, thanks to all the players, staff, coaches, fans, and everyone else who was there. Lacrosse is alive and well in Europe, and it’s all thanks to YOU!