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End caps 3.28
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End Caps: Not So Traditional

Markbuster Videos!

Markbuster Videos, don’t blame the bias…

Ok fine, I made these videos with Michael, I’m not even mad about it. Here’s my shameless plug for #LaxHacks, our newest video series dedicated to savin’ you moolah and keepin’ you ballin’ on a budget.

The series came from Michael’s dome piece sometime in the end of the Summer of 2013. We were in a brainstorm session to come up with new post ideas and since he has always been a man of many life hacks, so he decided to apply his MacGyverness to lacrosse.

Lax Wax loved the idea and wanted to get on board to bring the bi-monthly posts to life by helping to sponsor Lax Hacks as a new video series. Now rebranded as #LaxHacks, we are racking our brains, but not our wallets, to bring you some ideas to make your life that much easier.

We encourage anyone to comment on the videos to let us know what you think or if you have any lax hacks of your own!

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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]LL and NLL All Star, Drew Westervelt, made his way to the City of Trees this week for a little spring break shooting clinic put on by Sawtooth lacrosse at the Boise Fairgrounds. Here at LaxAllStars, it has been our mission to Grow The Game since day one. When we find out that one of the top pros in the game is making his way to our own backyard for a little face time with some local players, we had to be there.

Here’s a little sneak preview of the inside look at Drew’s impact on Boise.

Drew is a true class act and just by looking at him it isn’t hard to believe he is a professional athlete. He gave the kids his full attention and his passion for the game of lacrosse was apparent. I love seeing the best in the world make their way to non-traditional areas to help improve the sport.

Stay tuned because next week I will have the full story of Drew’s trip to potato country and more photos and highlights from the event!

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See ya next week at the same lax time, same lax website!