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End Caps: Don’t Disrespect

Markbuster Videos!

Markbuster Videos, don’t kill my vibe…

Ok, so I haven’t used my four years of eligibility for the MCLA yet, maybe I should take a look a UCSB. They do a fantastic job as selling Santa Barbara as paradise, and I believe it. You can play lax outside almost 365 and your school is in the heart of one of the United State’s most gorgeous locations.

Former UCSB middie, CJ Jacobs, has returned to the Gauchos for year 5, this time to fill a role behind the camera instead of on the field. CJ takes us through the life of a UCSB lacrosse player, which looks like lax isn’t a main focus in the offseason. I love lax, but can you blame these guys? They are living a dream going to school and playing lacrosse from the Gauchos, with such a beautiful campus with a lively library, it’s no wonder these guys study so much instead of keeping their sticks in hand, right? That’s all college kids do in their free time, right?

If I’m a high school kid with the goal of continuing to compete, but also going to school at one of the most chill and visually breathtaking campuses, these videos would have me giving Santa Barbara a serious look.


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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t seems that lacrosse has waltzed it’s way in to another great debate. Is the game getting to soft or is it still too dangerous? As a referee, I hear people bring this up at nearly every game I’ve worked this season. Just standing around near the table area, you hear parents either talking about the great deal of injuries to their team or how the game is turning in to girls lacrosse because they think that the rules committee is trying to remove hitting completely.

To me it’s annoying.

First, a way to start off on the wrong foot with me is to approach me aggressively about making sure that I protect your team because the last refs did a horrible job and everyone has a concussion. I appreciate and understand a coach voicing his concern about player safety, but it’s to be done in a calm manner. Getting worked up about the work of previous officiating crews will never do you any good. The officials should be given the benefit of the doubt that they will hustle, maintain safety, and conduct themselves in a professional manner. If they have proven that they can not do so, you may bring it to their attention, but if that goes no where, it’s a problem to take up with the league. Blaming the next guy for another man’s work is absurd, I don’t get mad at the coaches or the table for mistakes that their counterparts made in a previous game. We are human, and we’re all different.

Second, comparing boys and girls lacrosse in that way is disrespectful to both sports. The two sports have lived under separate guidelines and ways of playing, governing, and developing. What binds the two together is the name, the sense of community and native roots. I can’t stand hearing someone say lacrosse is getting too soft because of the new rules. I can’t believe anyone can argue rules put in place for no reason other than player safety.

I hate to draw the comparison, but baseball and softball go hand in hand. If baseball players were all forced to wear face masks while batting like softball and the pitcher must wear head gear, would we call it softball? No, we would call it safer. That’s the whole risk factor of baseball and softball, a small ball flying at your head at top speeds. Cue helmets in lacrosse, which it looks like the female game is slowly but surely creeping toward. Does that mean the female game is turning into the male game? Nope, it’s just safer.

Stop disrespecting lacrosse by attacking the officials before they’ve done wrong, teach your players the fundamentals and to keep their head up at all times. Even if they are playing within the rules, the other player may not be and they need to know how to handle those situations. Also, please stop disrespecting boys and girls lacrosse by complaining about the rules created for both are making them more like each other. Lacrosse should be compared in a positive way, like how both sides are excelling to Grow the Game or how both games can come together to celebrate our Native roots.

Respect the Sport, Honor the Creator, Grow the Game.

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