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End Caps: We’re Going To Denver

Markbuster Videos!

Markbuster Videos, givin’ credit where credit is due. 

Let’s get pumped for some international lacrosse, shall we?

Hong Kong is gearing up, and it’s some sick gear by the way, for Denver 2014. Not only do these guys get to practice and play in one of the most breathtaking, unique metropolitan facilities I’ve ever laid eyes on, they do it in style. HKLA spared no expense making high quality videos to show off the pride of Hong Kong.

I love watching lax from across the world and the camera angles and attention to detail really sets this video apart. I quickly found myself rooting for the success of Team Hong Kong!

I am obsessed with Ohio State, get over it! I still refuse to believe that they have started the season 0-3 after earning the pre-season Top 10 ranking.

I love watching this video because it gives an inside look at a high caliber D1 lacrosse practice. Coach Nick Myers’ practices are extremely organized and high tempo, this video leads me to believe the Buckeyes will be more than OK this season and will get thing turned around.

Praise your creator, TLN and the SLC coming together to present a MCLA Game of the Week was one of the best ideas someone had for the 2014 lacrosse season. Note: this is actually the third year of TLN’s SLC Game of the Week. Growing the game on YouTube!

Now I’m guaranteed at least one MCLA game a week that I can watch streaming on YouTube, SCORE! Check out these awesome highlights from a tight game between two powerhouses, Grand Canyon and Chapman.

The next two videos come from the same production house, Prodigy Launch, and they are highly entertaining. Take an inside look at the Wash & Lee and Lynchburg lacrosse teams from a high quality perspective. These videos aren’t made by kids with iPhones, well they probably have iPhones but I assure the video was not shot with them. I love when no corners are cut when putting together recap and inside look videos.

W&L dropped a close one to Washington, is it time for a “Gut Check?”

Take a peek at the ever powerful Lynchburg lacrosse program!

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap] can’t wait for Denver 2014. I used to dream of watching Team USA play lacrosse, they are, and always have been, my heroes. Now that I’m beginning preparations for the World Championships this summer, it’s not just the United States that have me excited.

Nine new teams will be competing in Denver this summer, many that I have had the opportunity to work with first hand. The passion and desire to Grow the Game and represent one’s country is unparalleled amongst international lacrosse players. It has to be such an incredible honor to represent your homeland in international play for the sport you love, many for the country’s first time ever. Men who will be competing in Denver this summer, no doubt, will be creating a lasting legacy and writing themselves in to the history books.

The first time competitors include:

Imagine in 25, 50 or even 100 years down the road when the youth of Israel, Thailand, Colombia, Belgium and so many more are researching the history of lacrosse in their country. They will be uncovering archives from the 2014 games and studying us! The will always look back to see who was on the very first international squad was and when they played. So many athletes will go to Denver this summer and these thoughts will never cross their minds, but the weight of representing your country and paving the path for the future is one that shouldn’t not be carried lightly.

The tone will be set in Denver, but when it’s over, players will return home. They will return with the stories, pictures and memorabilia from their trip to the USA to represent their homeland in what they probably considered the most monumental sporting event they’ve ever experienced. These momentos will spark a flame in someone, somewhere. Whether it’s in intercity Hong Kong to a small village in Mexico, someone’s passion for the Creator’s Game will be passed on to a young individual and at that very moment, another dream of competing in the World Championships will spawn in the mind of a child.

That child will grow up with the goal of playing lacrosse internationally and representing his or her country, and they will. It was all because someone took their role seriously as an international lacrosse player and couldn’t help but let their passion for the game spill on to the lives of others.

Big or little, your actions will influence a future generation of lacrosse lovers and haters, what kind of impact did you make?

Grow the Game.

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Swag Me Out

I’m here to help you get, or stay, “swagged out.” I may not be a fashion icon per se, but I do have an opinion about what looks good and what should be thrown away immediately.

I’m loving all of the Team USA gear that has been trickling out on Shop USLacrosse. The hoodies are gone, but now they have brought out Team USA replica practice pennies that you can customize with your own number. I’m guessing Denver in July is going to be a little warm, so when the sun’s out, bring the guns out in your own USA practice jersey!

I also chose this tee because we all know Nike makes top shelf t-shirts, so I’m guessing it’s super comfortable and I love the classic look. Speaking of classic, did you see the hat yet? Then scroll down! I love the ’90s throwback look, complete with the old school orange logo on the side panel and everything. If anything, buy the snapback, heck buy two! One for now and one to rock all summer long, gotta look fresh.

USA tee usa jersey usa hatus-sock


As a bonus, I threw in my favorite pair of US Lacrosse socks and their pair of head phones. I think both look incredible, but I haven’t had the opportunity to test either one out. It all matches, so grab the shorts featured in their store as well and you’ve got a whole new wardrobe to rep the Red, White, and Blue!

Looking for more sweet gear to tie you over until next weekend? DO NOT MISS INSTALAX Session 2 from last week!

See ya next week at the same lax time, same lax website!