End Caps, Keepin it real
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End Caps: Keepin’ It Real

Markbuster Videos!

Markbuster Videos, there’s always next year…

Ever since I started playing box lacrosse years ago, it’s been a life mission of mine to get to the Ales Hrebesky Memorial Tournament over in the Czech Republic. Among many things, I am jealous that Connor gets to head across the pond to ball out in Radotin every spring.

Gait was gracious enough to sponsor the content this year, and Joe over at Throne of String has been killing it when putting together the videos from the week.

Let’s soak it all in as we dream of hitting the floor next year!

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was fortunate enough to be invited to the 1st annual Native Youth Lacrosse Championship on the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Over the next few weeks I will be telling the stories of what I experienced on the reservation that day and providing ways we can help other get connected with lacrosse’s true heritage.

I met and made friends with a women last weekend on the reservation by the name of Dolores Jimerson. If the last name rings a bell it’s because the Jimerson last name is huge in Six Nations among the Haundenosaunee. Dolores is from the same Jimersons that had their name changed to seem more “American” than the previous Jamieson (you know, like Cody Jamieson).

Dolores grew up on Six Nations before moving all over the United States working on reservations of many different tribes. Although she hasn’t made her way back to Six Nations in a while, her heart is still with them. It was awesome to see how she lit up when speaking with Cam Bomberry and Kevin Sandy of the Iroquois lacrosse program, they knew her family members and where she came from, something Dolores likely hasn’t experienced in quite sometime.

Unlike Kevin Bacon and the 7 degrees of separation, the lacrosse community has 1, maybe 2 tops, and it’s heartwarming to watch a women who grew up around lacrosse get reconnected to the game she has long but forgotten over the years.

It was emotional and touching when Dolores passed along this photo of her father, Harry, sharing lacrosse with his son, Danny, on Six Nations back in 1941.

Harry, Danny Jamieson (Jimerson) on Six Nations Reserve 1941 vintage native lacrosse

It is custom in Haundenosaunee culture for boys to be given a small wooden lacrosse stick at birth, then a full size “man’s” stick at a later age. In the photo Harry is in the yard teaching the game to his very young son, which is still very common on the reserve today.

Now, Dolores is a program director for Yellowhawk, providing many resources for the tribes living on the Umatilla reservation. I hope to stay connected with Dolores over the years to assist her in the cultural reconnection to the game of lacrosse as well as helping her to Grow The Game on reservations in the Pacific Northwest.

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See ya next week at the same lax time, same lax website!