End Caps
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End Caps – Weekly Review

It’s finally the weekend, with that comes the first installment of the End Caps, a new LAS series I’m starting up to recap what has been going on in lacrosse and the world around us. Enjoy!


First things first, since I’m a box guy I have to talk about the NLL draft…

If you haven’t heard yet, the Minnesota Swarm “won” the draft this year with 10 picks, including 3 in the first round, and this is why:

Logan Schuss – He worked incredibly hard all the way through school, especially when he helped lead the Buckeyes to the second round of the NCAA tournament. After graduating, Logan moved on the play his first year with the Machine and he was incredible, although it turned out to be too late for Ohio by the time he got there. He managed to knock out 28 goals and 7 assists in only 11 games with the Machine and also scored 29 goals with 27 assists in 12 more games this summer with the New Westminster Salmonbellies. It’s obvious why he went number one.

Jason Noble – An Orangeville product with multiple Minto Cups, Noble was also the 2nd pick of the MSL draft, right behind his twin brother. He was a strong pole for Cornell and I’m sure he will make an impact in the NLL this season.

Cam Flint – Dominant with Denver and dominant before he got there too, playing box with the Brampton Excelsiors. He is going to be fun to watch, and we heard he’s had his eye on Jamaica and helping to #GrowTheGame – we like that!

Minnesota also snagged a few other guys who were studs in college, including Zach Palmer from Hopkins, Jordan Houtby from Detroit who also is playing with the Redmen, and Dominique Alexander, Logan’s co-captain at The Ohio State University last year. We will have more from Logan and Dominique coming soon.

Did I mention the Swarm also went after MCLA player Nick Jonas, not the singer, from Minnesota? He has been training hard and studying the game, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t crack the shortened roster this year, he will be back.

Remember Reid Acton‘s 75 yard goal? Yeah, they got him too.

Rob Pannell, who just signed with StringKing, got drafted as well as Josh Hawkins and a few other Americans who come from a primarily field background.


Con Bro Chill dropped another one on us and it’s a doozie. Let’s party, shall we?

This past week we have been promoting The Medicine Game film with previews, trailers, and interviewsWatch it here.

Also, if you haven’t caught the Stickmaker, watch that too!

We also asked you this week, Tufts, Anthony Kelly, or an eagle. Special footage right there.


Go get ’em Choppers

Grand Theft Auto is out, but you already know that. You either are in or you’re out with GTA5, but just know that it grossed a billion dollars… yep. So instead, I leave you with the history of the Madden curse, finally brought to an end this season.


Here’s 28 things you’ll understand if you play lacrosse. Can you disagree?


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– Lacrosse have become too fun

– 2014 NFHS Rules Changes


If you’ve made it this far, hear this: We want End Caps to serve as a resource for you to catch up on what’s going on in the game. Feel free to post any videos, comments, pictures or stories here in the LAS Community, and we’ll use them for upcoming editions.

I’ll be doing this every week, but hopefully with me in front of the camera giving you more video and less text…my speciality (video, not text). This is going to work like a weekly recap, and I want to make it better every time.

Now get out there and hit the wall!