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Putters by Epoch Golf

Epoch Golf: Lacrosse Company Invents Carbon Fiber Putter

Turns out lacrosse was just the beginning for the company behind the widely popular Dragonfly shaft. Epoch Golf is here!

Today Epoch announced that its immediate entrance into the golf market. A new line of Epoch Golf putters will arrive at retail stores worldwide in as early as June.

While known as a lacrosse company that has set the new standard for composite shafts, Epoch’s engineers have developed a new putter using the same carbon fiber technologies they’ve designed for lacrosse shafts. The new putter will improve control and accuracy, making putting much easier for today’s avid golfers.

Epoch’s plan is to provide consumers with a state-of-the-art putter that uses carbon fiber but also has flex, geometries and even size options – just like the company;s lacrosse shafts. So, you can get your hands on a 60” inch putter with moderate flex if that is what’s right for your golf game.

The putter line from Epoch Golf will tout the same “Dragonfly” name that has become synonymous with their top of the line Epoch lacrosse shafts. Dragonfly putters will also have the same slip/grip texture for enhanced feel when out on the course.

The putters are expected to retail for $140 to $200, depending on length and flex of a golfer’s choosing. Each Dragonfly putter will also have its own serial number with an industry leading 1-year warranty.

Golfers can expect Dragonfly putters to be available in stores early this summer. Once purchased, putters should be registered online at the Epoch Golf website.

Epoch Golf is born

Putters by Epoch Golf
Introducing the Epoch Dragonfly Putter
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