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Epoch Integra Lacrosse Gloves for True Lacrosse
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Epoch Joins Forces With True Lacrosse

Epoch Lacrosse today announced it has joined forces with True Lacrosse, one of the premier club lacrosse programs in the country. Epoch will be testing its Integra line of protective equipment with over 1,000 players this summer to gather real world feedback in preparation for the launch of the line this fall. Players attending this weekend’s True National Training Camp at Johns Hopkins University will be the first to receive the custom Integra gloves Epoch has created for the program.

Epoch Integra Lacrosse Gloves for True Lacrosse“True lacrosse is really excited to work with Epoch,” said L.C. Moerschel, Minnesota Director of True Lacrosse. “Meeting the family over at the Epoch facility, it is clear the organization understands where the game started and respects its origins. That said, it is impressive how they have tied the roots of the game to cutting edge technology. Both organizations value the fundamentals of the game and pride themselves on evolution and creativity. We are excited to see where this partnership will take us.”

Mike Gabel, Co-founder of True Lacrosse added, “Epoch’s support of our efforts on the national scene has been greatly appreciated. I think we have common core values, and both organizations are on the front edge of this industry. James Miceli and his team have done a great job with their grass roots efforts while bringing new technology into the game, therefore changing it. True lacrosse is proud to start a relationship with Epoch and their team.”

Epoch x True Lacrosse

True Lacrosse Program Map - Epoch Lacrosse PartnershipAll players within the True organization will have access to Epoch equipment, including their industry leading Dragonfly shafts, heads, mesh and the new Integra Protective line up.

“The summer tournament season is the ultimate testing ground for all of our products,” said James Miceli, Principal at Epoch Lacrosse. “We are confident True’s Lacrosse players will put our products through every possible condition and provide us with feedback we would never be able to replicate in a laboratory. We strong believe that stress testing our products with players in real world conditions will afford us the opportunity to identify any last minute changes and help us to deliver the most technologically evolved lacrosse products to players this Fall.”