Defenseman Epple, Face-off Specialist Arceri Take In Your Face Honors
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Defenseman Epple, Face-off Specialist Arceri Take In Your Face Honors

Another LIVE In Your Face LaxCast went down on Wednesday. Miss it, or not, our weekly honors are down below.

The past week of NCAA lacrosse has been pretty crazy. Read more about it from Connor Wilson and Ryan Conwell as they justify their weekly poll votes.

Are there really awards? No. Instead it’s all about giving recognition where it’s deserved. Who was worth watching from 3/2 – 3/8? We’ll tell you…

In Your Face Players of the Week

Towers’ Pick: Garrett Epple, Notre Dame

In Your Face PLayer of the week garrett eppleClass: Senior
Position: Defenseman
Hometown: Cockeysville, MD
Numbers: 10 groundballs, 8 caused turnovers
Recent: 4 CTOs, 6 GBs, held Rambo to 0 goals, 1 Assist on EMO and 4 TOs.

“Those turnovers, six DB’s, held Matt Rambo to 0-1. Matt Rambo only got his point, I think, on extra man and he had four turn overs. Talk about Byrnesy, finding yet another guy.” – Andy Towers

Danehy’s Pick: Gerard Arceri, Penn State

In Your Face PLayer of the week gerard arceriClass: Freshman
Position: Face-off
Hometown: St. James, NY
Numbers: 106-157 Face-offs, 57 groundballs, 3 goals
Recent: 24-31 over Penn, 1 goal, 15 GBs.

“ was has to be Gerard Arceri, going 24-31 at the face-off X… I mean, this kid is an animal. He is impressive and I mean, Penn threw the house at him. They threw poles, double poles, 10 man rides. He pulled it forward, he pulled it back, pulled it weak side, pulled it strong side. This kid is the real deal. Very Trevor Baptiste-ish. He’s going to be regarded as one of the best face-off guys in college, all time, over the next four years. He was the difference in that game. They won by one goal. He had one goal, picked up 14, 15 GB’s, in a big, big game for the Penn State Nittany Lions. My Player of the Week, is Gerard Arceri. What a game, what a player. He’s fun to watch.” – Ryan Danehy

Towers’ Backup: Brian Balkham, UNC

Class: Senior
Position: Defenseman
Hometown: Cockeysville, MD
Numbers: 47 saves, .570 average
Recent: 17 saves, 9 GAA, 66% vs Denver

“I settled on Brian Balkam, the goalie from Carolina, who I believe had 17 saves in their win over the sharpshooting Denver Pios, out in Denver. What a time to show up. What a great performance for him.” – Andy Towers

Danehy’s Backup: Ryan Tierney, Hofstra

Class: Fresham
Position: Attackman
Hometown: Massapequa, NY
Numbers: 11 goals, 6 assists, .440 shooting %
Recent: 4 goals, 1 assist against Georgetown, staying undefeated

“4-1, versus Georgetown. A lot of freshman making IYF and a lot of freshman 2016 recruiting class and I’ve said this, when I was at Michigan. The 2016 class is one of the best recruiting classes out there. – Ryan Danehy

In Your Face Coaches of the Week

Towers’ Coach of the Week: Joe Breschi, North Carolina

In Your Face Coach of the Week Joe Breschi“Bouncing back. He can defy dismantling, at the hands of the upstart Johns Hopkins Blue Jays, down in Chapel, to travel out to, as you would call, the dentist office, to play against the best coach in the history of college lacrosse. Bill Tierney, out there, a team that’s just caused North Carolina fits, over the last six season.” – Andy Towers

Danehy’s Coach of the Week: Jeff Tambroni, Penn State

In Your Face Coach of the Week Jeff Tambroni Breschi“A guy who has gone through a lot, over the last few years, in his coaching career at Penn State, having such great success at Cornell and then the Penn State Alums looking for immediate success right away. It does take time and no one in the country has more respect, than the coaches themselves, for Jeff Tambroni and for him to finally go out there and put together a squad this year… It’s great to see him be successful. For me, as a big fan of Jeff Tambroni, for all the good things I’ve ever said about him, finally get the wins that he and I and you, know he can do. Jeff Tambroni, huge win against Penn this past weekend. He is my Coach of the Week.” – Ryan Danehy

In Your Face Game of the Week

#3 Penn State (5-0) at Harvard (4-0)

When: Saturday, March 11th – 12pm EST
Where: Moved to Harvard Bubble. No spectators due to capacity issues.
Watch: Ivy League Digital Network