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Errant Paul Rabil Pass Leads To Diving Team USA Goal!

Paul Rabil throws a laser pass to Drew Westervelt, who does his best Stretch Armstrong impression to keep the play alive. It ends up with some sweet passing and a great outside shot for a Team USA goal in the Duel in Denver!

The Duel in Denver is still fresh in our minds, and the following play resulted in one of the best snipes of the night (a great rip by Steven Brooks), but was created by pure hustle and creativity. Paul Rabil throws a laser of a pass to Drew Westervelt, but he throws it high… Stretch Armstrong high… and Westervelt extends and just barely catches it.

The aggressive Canadian defense presses out to create a turnover, Westervelt flicks the ball out to a nearby teammate, the US makes a couple of snappy passes and then Brooks puts one in for the US. You couldn’t choreograph a better play than this!



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