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2016 European Lacrosse Championship predictions

European Lacrosse Championship Predictions

Brian, Bruce, and Connor cast their predictions for 2016 European Lacrosse Championship.

The Lacrosse All Stars crew has arrived in Hungary for the 2016 European Lacrosse Championship. Join us as we make our predictions for this historic event by commenting below with your take!

The European Lacrosse Championship games started up 2.5 days ago, but Connor, Bruce, and myself made some pre-tourney “finishing” predictions and picks, and now we’re able to get it published. Better late than never!


Photos by Oskar Polak, Sniper Pix

Different story lines have been discussed, with everything under the sun in the lacrosse world being up for discussion and debate. The one obvious conversation has come up, and has now gone from polite conversation to respectable debate to heated competition. That conversation, of course, is how we think these 24 team will fare.


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2016 European Lacrosse ChampionshipIt’s a gentlemen’s competition, with the stakes to be determined, but the rules are simple. For every correct placement of a team 1-24, the correct speculation is rewarded with one point. Most points wins.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve been in Budapest an extra three days longer, and I would admit that I may have some extra evidence to influence my selections. That said, these are still guesses, and lacrosse is lacrosse. Added to that, Connor and Bruce both come from very different and deep lacrosse backgrounds and they talked to teams and people I didn’t. I’d be very foolish to think that my picks would be any bit better than either of theirs.

This is fun. Lacrosse is fun. Talking about lacrosse is fun. Almost as fun as watching these games, which is almost as much fun as playing in games.

Alright, I’ll stop rambling. Cards on the table, boys!

Our European Lacrosse Championship Predictions

[mks_col] [mks_one_third]

Witmer’s Picks

  1. England
  2. Germany
  3. Scotland
  4. Finland
  5. Israel
  6. Ireland
  7. Netherlands
  8. Sweden
  9. Austria
  10. Czech Republic
  11. Wales
  12. Poland
  13. Swiss
  14. Belgium
  15. Slovakia
  16. Latvia
  17. Norway
  18. Hungary
  19. Italy
  20. Denmark
  21. Russia
  22. Slovenia
  23. Spain
  24. France
[/mks_one_third] [mks_one_third]

Pirie’s Picks

  1. England
  2. Germany
  3. Scotland
  4. Israel
  5. Ireland
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Netherlands
  8. Finland
  9. Wales
  10. Latvia
  11. Norway
  12. Denmark
  13. Hungary
  14. Belgium
  15. Switzerland
  16. Poland
  17. Italy
  18. Russia
  19. Austria
  20. Sweden
  21. Spain
  22. Slovakia
  23. France
  24. Slovenia
[/mks_one_third] [mks_one_third]

Wilson’s Picks

  1. England
  2. Latvia
  3. Netherlands
  4. Israel
  5. Finland
  6. Scotland
  7. Ireland
  8. Sweden
  9. Germany
  10. Wales
  11. Norway
  12. Czech
  13. Switzerland
  14. Poland
  15. Belgium
  16. Austria
  17. Slovakia
  18. Hungary
  19. Italy
  20. Spain
  21. Russia
  22. Denmark
  23. Slovenia
  24. France
[/mks_one_third] [/mks_col]

Comment below and share your picks too!


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